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13.Dec - 15.Dec, 2017 / Baku, Azerbaijan
Baku Halal Product Expo
18.Jan - 21.Jan, 2018 / Seoul, Korea (South)
Salon du Chocolat Seoul
31.Jan - 02.Feb, 2018 / Ashkhabad, Turkmenistan
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Dubai Drink Technology Expo

Asia Fruit Logistica

Int'l Trade Fair for Fruit and Vegetable Marketing

September 05-07, 2018, Hongkong, China

Industry sectors:
Food and Beverage

Asia Fruit Logistica (Int'l Trade Fair for Fruit and Vegetable Marketing) takes place in Hongkong, China from 05.09 to 07.09.18.

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during Asia Fruit Logistica

Arrival Departure Single rooms Double rooms

Interpreters availability

China, Hongkong

For more information on Asia Fruit Logistica
please visit the fair's information site:
www.asiafruitlogistica.com chevron_right

Takes place:

every year

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