Warsaw Home

Int'l Interior Design Trade Fair

October 04-07, 2018, Warsaw, Poland
Warsaw Expo
( already closed )

Warsaw Home – International Interior Design Fair which is held in the PTAK Warsaw Expo for four consecutive days. During the event manufacturers and distributors representing furniture, decorating, components and accessories have an opportunity to present their goods and ideas. Warsaw Home is the event of a mixed concept, a business oriented platform for international transactions as well as the site, where passionates of a good style in interior design can meet. Warsaw Home is the site where architects approach designers, businessmen, boutique owners and end users . The event represents a broad approach to interior finishing and furnishing. We reckon that the interior is an entirety consisting of a number of smaller elements; linked and interacting among themselves. Once we start to furnish the space, we start with basics; floors, doors and complete with furniture and accessories. That is why, Warsaw Home consists of 4 below listed topic sectors: - Furniture - Deco – decorations, textiles, lighting - Kitchen & Dining – furniture and accessories for kitchen, household appliances - Interior Finish – floors, wall coverings (ceramic tiles, panels, structural concerete, green walls), doors, fireplaces, bathroom fittings. The third run of the Warsaw Home and accompanying events will be held between 4– 7 of October 2018 in exhibition halls: B,C,D,E and F. For the business days (04-05.10.2018) people from the industry are invited, while for the weekend (06-07.10.2018) all interested visitors; both representing business and individuals.

Takes place every year ( since 2016 )

Visitors: 64 000
Exhibitors: 400
  Net sqm: 65 000

Warsaw Expo
Al. Katowicka 62, Wolica 114D 05-830 Nadarzyn

Warsaw Home (Int'l Interior Design Trade Fair) takes place in Warsaw, Poland from to at Warsaw Expo. In 2017 Warsaw Home attracted more than 64 000 visitors and 400 exhibitors.
For more information on Warsaw Home
please visit the fair's information site:
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