Global Technology and Innovation Show for the Mining Industry

May 27-30, 2019, Antofagasta, Chile

Exponor is the international exhibition that offers strategic information on technology and innovation in the mining and industrial sectors. It brings together the principal mining companies, suppliers and project specialists, offering a comprehensive overview of current trends in the market.

Takes place every second year ( since 1983 )

Visitors: 40 000
Exhibitors: 1 000
  Net sqm: 112 000
Visitors: 42000
Exhibitors: 1064
  Net sqm: 112000

Hotel availability in Antofagasta during Exponor

Chile, Antofagasta

Exponor (Global Technology and Innovation Show for the Mining Industry) takes place in Antofagasta, Chile from 27.05 to 30.05.19. In 2017 Exponor attracted more than 40 000 visitors and 1 000 exhibitors.
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