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date title
20180224 February March Thüringen-Ausstellung
24.Feb - 04.Mar, 2018, Erfurt, Germany
Handicraft and Consumer Goods Exhibition (with Wedding and Celebration Fair)
20180228 February March Freizeit-Messe Nürnberg
28.Feb - 04.Mar, 2018, Nuremberg, Germany
Freizeit-Messe Nürnberg
Holidays, Lifestyle, Water Sports, Camping, Caravanning, Garden
20180228 February March OstseeMesse
28.Feb - 04.Mar, 2018, Rostock, Germany
Consumer Fair
20180228 February March Ladya
28.Feb - 04.Mar, 2018, Moscow, Russia
Ladya / Ладья
Exhibition and Fair for Russian Arts and Crafts
20180309 March March Chemnitzer Frühling
09.Mar - 11.Mar, 2018, Chemnitz, Germany
Chemnitzer Frühling
Consumer Exhibition
20180310 March March Regional Consumer Goods Exhibition
10.Mar - 18.Mar, 2018, Nevers, France
Regional Consumer Goods Exhibition / Foire Expo de Nevers
Regional Consumer Goods Exhibition
20180310 March March Rheinland-Pfalz-Ausstellung
10.Mar - 18.Mar, 2018, Mainz, Germany
Regional Consumer Goods Exhibition
20180310 March March Passauer Frühling, DreiLänderMesse
10.Mar - 18.Mar, 2018, Passau, Germany
Passauer Frühling, DreiLänderMesse
Regional Exhibition
20180316 March March Inventa
16.Mar - 18.Mar, 2018, Karlsruhe, Germany
Art of Living; Green Building; Living Garden
20180317 March March Regio
17.Mar - 25.Mar, 2018, Loerrach, Germany
Three Countries - one Fair
20180321 March March IBO
21.Mar - 25.Mar, 2018, Friedrichshafen, Germany
Int'l Fair for Consumer and Investment Goods
20180323 March March Fa' La Cosa Giusta
23.Mar - 25.Mar, 2018, Milan, Italy
Fa' La Cosa Giusta
Exhibition of Critical Consuming and Sustenible Lifestyle
20180411 April April OFFA
11.Apr - 15.Apr, 2018, St. Gallen, Switzerland
Spring and Leisure Fair of Eastern Switzerland
20180414 April April Shopping Bazaar
14.Apr - 15.Apr, 2018, Fredericia, Denmark
Shopping Bazaar / Shopping-Bazar
Southern Lifestyle and Outlet Fair
20180428 April May Maimarkt Mannheim
28.Apr - 08.May, 2018, Mannheim, Germany
Maimarkt Mannheim
Consumer Goods, Handicraft and Agriculture with Prefabricated Houses and Building Show
20180505 May May Messe Wächtersbach
05.May - 13.May, 2018, Waechtersbach, Germany
Messe Wächtersbach
Consumer Goods Exhibition
20180505 May May Grand Designs Live
05.May - 13.May, 2018, London, United Kingdom
Grand Designs Live
Design and Inspiration for Your Home
20180510 May May Foire de Mulhouse
10.May - 21.May, 2018, Mulhouse, France
Foire de Mulhouse
Mulhouse Int'l Trade Fair
20180511 May May Craft Fair
11.May - 12.May, 2018, Trencin, Slovakia
Craft Fair / Jarmok Remesiel
Traditional Folk Crafts Fair
20180519 May May Die Salzburger Dult
19.May - 27.May, 2018, Salzburg, Austria
Die Salzburger Dult
Regional Consumer Goods Exhibition
20180526 May June Südwest Messe
26.May - 03.Jun, 2018, Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany
Südwest Messe
Trade Show for Private and Commercial Equipm., Consumer Goods, Handicraft and Agriculture
20180602 June June Fairs of the Champagne
02.Jun - 10.Jun, 2018, Troyes, France
Fairs of the Champagne / Foires de Champagne
Fairs of the Champagne
20180811 August August Allgäuer Festwoche
11.Aug - 19.Aug, 2018, Kempten, Germany
Allgäuer Festwoche
Rural Tradition Exhibition in Kempten
20180907 September September Foire de Béré
07.Sep - 10.Sep, 2018, Châteaubriant, France
Foire de Béré
Regional Consumer Goods Exhibition
20180908 September September Regional Consumer Goods Exhibition
08.Sep - 17.Sep, 2018, Clermont-Ferrand-Cournon, France
Regional Consumer Goods Exhibition / Foire Internationale de Clermont-Cournon
Regional Consumer Goods Exhibition
20180908 September September Baden Messe
08.Sep - 16.Sep, 2018, Freiburg, Germany
Baden Messe
Regional Craft and Industry Exhibition
20180914 September September Comptoir Suisse
14.Sep - 23.Sep, 2018, Lausanne, Switzerland
Comptoir Suisse
Autumn Fair
20180929 September October Oberrhein Messe Offenburg
29.Sep - 07.Oct, 2018, Offenburg, Germany
Oberrhein Messe Offenburg
Consumer Goods Fair
20180929 September October Ufra
29.Sep - 07.Oct, 2018, Schweinfurt, Germany
Consumer Goods Exhibition
20181003 October October Dortmunder Herbst
03.Oct - 07.Oct, 2018, Dortmund, Germany
Dortmunder Herbst
Consumer exhibition
20181010 October October Grand Designs Live Birmingham
10.Oct - 14.Oct, 2018, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Grand Designs Live Birmingham
Design and Inspiration for Your Home
20181013 October October infa
13.Oct - 21.Oct, 2018, Hanover, Germany
Information and Sales Exhibition
20181027 October November Offerta
27.Oct - 04.Nov, 2018, Karlsruhe, Germany
The Major Regional Exhibition for a Strong Region
20181027 October November Consumenta
27.Oct - 04.Nov, 2018, Nuremberg, Germany
Consumer & Sales Exhibition, Lifestyle with int'l Trade Fair 'Ideas - Inventions - New Products'
20181029 October November Spirit of Christmas Fair
29.Oct - 04.Nov, 2018, London, United Kingdom
Spirit of Christmas Fair
Gifts for Christmas
20181110 November November Mode Heim Handwerk
10.Nov - 18.Nov, 2018, Essen, Germany
Mode Heim Handwerk
The big consumer fair for the whole family
20181115 November November Festive Gift Fair
15.Nov - 18.Nov, 2018, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Festive Gift Fair
Festive Gift Fair
20181116 November November Finnish Handicrafts
16.Nov - 18.Nov, 2018, Tampere, Finland
Finnish Handicrafts / Suomen Kädentaidot
Fair for Finnish handicrafts
20181117 November November Shopping Bazaar
17.Nov - 18.Nov, 2018, Fredericia, Denmark
Shopping Bazaar / Shopping-Bazar
Southern Lifestyle and Outlet Fair
20181128 November December Heim + Handwerk
28.Nov - 02.Dec, 2018, Munich, Germany
Heim + Handwerk
Building, Furnishing, Living
20181211 December December New Year`S Gift
11.Dec - 16.Dec, 2018, Irkutsk, Russia
New Year`S Gift / Новогодний Подарок
New Year`S Gift
20191108 November November Herbstmesse Wettingen
08.Nov - 10.Nov, 2019, Wettingen, Switzerland
Herbstmesse Wettingen
General Consumer Fair