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20170120 January January International Green Week Berlin
20.Jan - 29.Jan, 2017
Berlin, Germany
International Green Week Berlin / Internationale Grüne Woche Berlin
The world's biggest fair for food, agriculture and horticulture
20170121 January January Sirha
21.Jan - 25.Jan, 2017
Lyon, France
Int'l Catering, Hotel and Food Trade Fair
20170121 January January AB Tech Expo
21.Jan - 25.Jan, 2017
Rimini, Italy
AB Tech Expo
Baking and Technology Exhibition for Bakery, Pastry and Confectionery
20170122 January January FBK
22.Jan - 25.Jan, 2017
Bern, Switzerland
Swiss Exhibition for Bakery, Confectionery and Confisery
20170122 January January Winter Fancy Food Show
22.Jan - 24.Jan, 2017
San Francisco, USA
Winter Fancy Food Show
Int'l Fancy Food & Confection Show (Winter)
20170125 January January Viticulture & Viniculture
25.Jan - 28.Jan, 2017
Budapest, Hungary
Viticulture & Viniculture / Szőlészet és Pincészet
Wine-growing and wineries
20170127 January January UpperCrust Food & Wine Show
27.Jan - 29.Jan, 2017
Mumbai, India
UpperCrust Food & Wine Show
Food and Wine Exhibition
20170129 January January Vinisud
29.Jan - 31.Jan, 2017
Montpellier, France
Int'l Exhibition of Mediterranean Wines and Spirits
20170129 January February ISM
29.Jan - 01.Feb, 2017
Cologne, Germany
Int'l Sweets and Biscuits Fair
20170129 January February ProSweets Cologne
29.Jan - 01.Feb, 2017
Cologne, Germany
ProSweets Cologne
The Int'l supplier fair for the confectionery industry
20170206 February February Loire Valley Wine Trade Fair
06.Feb - 07.Feb, 2017
Angers, France
Loire Valley Wine Trade Fair / Salon des Vins de Loire
Loire Valley Wine Trade Fair
20170206 February February Prodexpo
06.Feb - 10.Feb, 2017
Moscow, Russia
Int'l Fair of Foodstuffs and Food Raw Materials
20170208 February February Fruit Logistica
08.Feb - 10.Feb, 2017
Berlin, Germany
Fruit Logistica
Int'l Trade Fair for the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Business
20170215 February February BioFach
15.Feb - 18.Feb, 2017
Nuremberg, Germany
World Trade Fair for Natural Personal Care and Wellness
20170215 February February SMTS
15.Feb - 17.Feb, 2017
Chiba/Tokyo, Japan
Super Market Trade Show
20170215 February February THIS
15.Feb - 17.Feb, 2017
Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo Health Industry Show
20170215 February February Anfas Food Product
15.Feb - 18.Feb, 2017
Antalya, Turkey
Anfas Food Product / Anfaş Food Product
Int'l Trade Exhibition for Food
20170219 February February Intersicop
19.Feb - 21.Feb, 2017
Madrid, Spain
Int'l Bakery, Pastry and Related Industries Show
20170219 February February Annual Meat Conference
19.Feb - 21.Feb, 2017
Dallas, USA
Annual Meat Conference
Annual Meat Conference
20170221 February February Caterex Japan
21.Feb - 24.Feb, 2017
Tokyo, Japan
Caterex Japan
Japan Catering Equipment Show
20170222 February February Sapori d’ Italia
22.Feb - 26.Feb, 2017
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Sapori d’ Italia / Вкусове от Италия
Exclusive presentation of unique and high quality Italian food and wine
20170222 February February Foodtech
22.Feb - 26.Feb, 2017
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Foodtech / Фудтех
Int'l Exhibition of Food and Drinks, Packaging, Machines and Technologies
20170222 February February Vinaria
22.Feb - 26.Feb, 2017
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Vinaria / Винария
Int'l Exhibition of Vine-Growing and Wine-Producing with Wine-Festival
20170225 February February Golositalia & Aliment & Equipment
25.Feb - 28.Feb, 2017
Brescia, Italy
Golositalia & Aliment & Equipment
Wine and Food, Catering, Restaurant Industry and Professional Equipment
20170226 February February RCShow
26.Feb - 28.Feb, 2017
Toronto, Canada
Foodservice Trade Show
20170226 February March Gulfood
26.Feb - 02.Mar, 2017
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Gulf Food, Hotel and Equipment Exhibition and Salon Culinaire
20170228 February March Ingredients Russia
28.Feb - 03.Mar, 2017
Moscow, Russia
Ingredients Russia / Пищевые ингредиенты, добавки и пряности
Int'l Exhibition for Food Ingredients, Additives and Flavourings
20170301 March March GAST
01.Mar - 04.Mar, 2017
Split, Croatia
Fair for Food, Beverages, Coffee, Hotel Equipment and Furniture
20170301 March March IFFIP
01.Mar - 03.Mar, 2017
Kiev, Ukraine
Int'l Forum of Food Industry and Packaging
20170301 March March Food Expo
01.Mar - 03.Mar, 2017
Kiev, Ukraine
Food Expo / Прод Экспо
Int'l Food Exhibition
20170302 March March ExpoHoReCa
02.Mar - 05.Mar, 2017
St. Petersburg, Russia
Hospitality Exhibition
20170303 March March Artoza
03.Mar - 06.Mar, 2017
Athens, Greece
Int'l Exhibition for Bakery, Pastry, Chocolate and Ice Cream Sectors
20170303 March March Detrop
03.Mar - 06.Mar, 2017
Thessaloniki, Greece
Int'l Exhibition of Food, Beverages, Machinery, Equipment
20170303 March March IITCE
03.Mar - 05.Mar, 2017
Calcutta, India
India Int'l Tee and Coffee Expo
20170303 March March Buonvivere
03.Mar - 05.Mar, 2017
Piacenza, Italy
Show on typical food and wines
20170304 March March Olio Capitale
04.Mar - 07.Mar, 2017
Trieste, Italy
Olio Capitale
Top Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Expo
20170305 March March International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York
05.Mar - 07.Mar, 2017
New York, USA
International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York
New York Restaurant and Foodservice Show
20170307 March March Aahar
07.Mar - 11.Mar, 2017
New Delhi, India
Int'l Food and Hospitality Fair
20170307 March March Foodex Japan
07.Mar - 10.Mar, 2017
Chiba/Tokyo, Japan
Foodex Japan
Int'l Food & Beverage Exhibition
20170307 March March Dubai Drink Technology Expo
07.Mar - 09.Mar, 2017
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai Drink Technology Expo
Dubai Drink Technology Expo
20170309 March March Natural Products Expo West
09.Mar - 12.Mar, 2017
Anaheim, USA
Natural Products Expo West
Natural Products Expo West
20170315 March March Sandwich and Snack Show
15.Mar - 16.Mar, 2017
Paris, France
Sandwich and Snack Show
The leading event for the snack and food-on-the-go market
20170316 March March Thailand Coffee, Tea & Drinks
16.Mar - 19.Mar, 2017
Bangkok, Thailand
Thailand Coffee, Tea & Drinks
Thailand Coffee, Tea and Drinks Show
20170317 March March The National Women's Show
17.Mar - 19.Mar, 2017
Montreal, Canada
The National Women's Show
National Women’s Show for Fashion, Food and Fun
20170317 March March Internorga
17.Mar - 21.Mar, 2017
Hamburg, Germany
Int'l Trade Fair for Catering and Food Services Industry
20170318 March March Food Expo Greece
18.Mar - 20.Mar, 2017
Athens, Greece
Food Expo Greece
Int'l Food and Beverage Exhibition
20170319 March March ProWein
19.Mar - 21.Mar, 2017
Dusseldorf, Germany
Int'l Trade Fair Wines and Spirits
20170319 March March IFE
19.Mar - 22.Mar, 2017
London, United Kingdom
Int'l Food and Drink Event
20170319 March March Seafood Expo North America
19.Mar - 21.Mar, 2017
Boston, USA
Seafood Expo North America
Int'l Boston Seafood Show
20170322 March March Cafeex Shanghai
22.Mar - 24.Mar, 2017
Shanghai, China
Cafeex Shanghai
Professional Cafe Expo
20170322 March March Foodstuff
22.Mar - 25.Mar, 2017
Sochi, Russia
Foodstuff / Продукты питания
Exhibition of Food Products
20170323 March March Kulinar Tulln
23.Mar - 26.Mar, 2017
Tulln, Austria
Kulinar Tulln
Kitchen, Cooking and Fine Food Exhibition
20170323 March March GastroPan Exhibition
23.Mar - 25.Mar, 2017
Sibiu, Romania
GastroPan Exhibition
Int'l Exhibition for the Baking, Confectionery, Ice Cream, Chocolate, Coffee and Food Service Industries
20170325 March March SweetTarg
25.Mar - 27.Mar, 2017
Katowice, Poland
Silesian Fair of Confectionery, Bakeries and Ice-Cream Vendors
20170326 March March G.A.T.E. & Gusto
26.Mar - 28.Mar, 2017
Foggia, Italy
G.A.T.E. & Gusto
National Trade Fair for Gastronomy, Foodstuff, Hotel Industry and Tourism
20170328 March March M.A.D.E.* (form. MDD expo)
28.Mar - 29.Mar, 2017
Paris, France
M.A.D.E.* (form. MDD expo)
The Private Label Expo
20170329 March April Food Industry
29.Mar - 01.Apr, 2017
Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Food Industry / Пищевая индустрия
Food Industry Exhibition
20170329 March March World Olive Oil Exhibition
29.Mar - 30.Mar, 2017
Madrid, Spain
World Olive Oil Exhibition
World Olive Oil Exhibition
20170329 March April CNR Seafood Istanbul
29.Mar - 01.Apr, 2017
Istanbul, Turkey
CNR Seafood Istanbul
Sea Products and Processing Technologies Fair
20170329 March March WorldFood Uzbekistan
29.Mar - 31.Mar, 2017
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
WorldFood Uzbekistan
WorldFood Uzbekistan
20170401 April April Guten Appetit
01.Apr - 02.Apr, 2017
Ried, Austria
Guten Appetit
Trade Fair for Food and Cooking
20170401 April April Snaxpo
01.Apr - 04.Apr, 2017
Savannah, USA
Trade Show for the Int'l Snack Food Industry
20170402 April April Foodex Qatar
02.Apr - 04.Apr, 2017
Doha, Qatar
Foodex Qatar
Int'l Food Industry Exhibition
20170402 April April Natural & Organic Products Europe
02.Apr - 03.Apr, 2017
London, United Kingdom
Natural & Organic Products Europe
The Essential Event for the Natural and Organic Industry
20170404 April April World Travel Catering & Onboard Services
04.Apr - 06.Apr, 2017
Hamburg, Germany
World Travel Catering & Onboard Services
Travel Catering Event
20170405 April April EuroGastro
05.Apr - 07.Apr, 2017
Warsaw, Poland
Int'l Food Service Fair
20170406 April April Local & organic food fair
06.Apr - 09.Apr, 2017
Helsinki, Finland
Local & organic food fair / Lähiruoka & luomu
Local and Organic Food Fair
20170406 April April Agraria
06.Apr - 09.Apr, 2017
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Int'l Trade Fair for Agriculture, Food Industry and Packaging
20170408 April April The National Women's Show
08.Apr - 09.Apr, 2017
Ottawa, Canada
The National Women's Show
National Women’s Show for Fashion, Food and Fun
20170409 April April Enolitech
09.Apr - 12.Apr, 2017
Verona, Italy
Int'l Exhibition of Wine-Growing and Cellar Techniques and Olive-Growing and Olive Oil Technologies
20170409 April April Sol
09.Apr - 12.Apr, 2017
Verona, Italy
Int'l Exhibition of Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil
20170409 April April Vinitaly
09.Apr - 12.Apr, 2017
Verona, Italy
Int'l Wine and Spirits Exhibition
20170411 April April InterFood Kyrgyzstan
11.Apr - 13.Apr, 2017
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
InterFood Kyrgyzstan
Int'l Food Exhibition
20170411 April April Bellavita Expo
11.Apr - 13.Apr, 2017
Warsaw, Poland
Bellavita Expo
The Excellence of Italian Food and Wine
20170411 April April World Food Warsaw
11.Apr - 13.Apr, 2017
Warsaw, Poland
World Food Warsaw
Warsaw Int'l Food Exhibition
20170412 April April Cibus Connect
12.Apr - 13.Apr, 2017
Parma, Italy
Cibus Connect
Int'l Food Exhibition
20170412 April April Wine & Gourmet Japan
12.Apr - 14.Apr, 2017
Tokyo, Japan
Wine & Gourmet Japan
Int'l Wine & Gourmet Foods, Sweets & Confectionery, Hotel & Foodservice Equipment, Supplies & Services Exhibtion & Conference
20170412 April April Siberian Beer
12.Apr - 14.Apr, 2017
Novosibirsk, Russia
Siberian Beer / Пивная ярмарка Сибири
Int'l Specialized Exhibition of beer, raw materials and equipment for brewery, soft drinks and mineral water
20170417 April April AIFE
17.Apr - 19.Apr, 2017
Beijing, China
Asia (Beijing) Int'l Import Food Expo
20170417 April April Global Oil
17.Apr - 19.Apr, 2017
Beijing, China
Global Oil
Int'l High-end Health Edible Oil and Olive Oil (Beijing) Exhibition
20170418 April April Siberian Food Products. Packing. Equipment
18.Apr - 21.Apr, 2017
20170419 April April InterFood St.Petersburg
19.Apr - 21.Apr, 2017
St. Petersburg, Russia
InterFood St.Petersburg
Int'l Exhibition of Food Products, Drinks and Food Processing Equipment
20170420 April April Slow Food
20.Apr - 23.Apr, 2017
Stuttgart, Germany
Slow Food / Markt des guten Geschmacks
The forum for good taste
20170423 April April Bakery Congress
23.Apr - 24.Apr, 2017
Vancouver, Canada
Bakery Congress
Bakery Congress, Trade Show and Conference
20170424 April April Salón International del Club de Gourmets
24.Apr - 27.Apr, 2017
Madrid, Spain
Salón International del Club de Gourmets
Fine Food and Beverage Fair
20170424 April April Vinordic
24.Apr - 27.Apr, 2017
Stockholm, Sweden
Scandinavian Wine Expo
20170425 April April InterFood Krasnodar
25.Apr - 27.Apr, 2017
Krasnodar, Russia
InterFood Krasnodar
Exhibition for Food and Drink Products
20170425 April April Food&HotelVietnam
25.Apr - 27.Apr, 2017
Hochiminh City, Viet Nam
Int'l Food, Drink, Hotel, Restaurant, Bakery and Food Service Equipment Exhibition
20170427 April April Freskon
27.Apr - 29.Apr, 2017
Thessaloniki, Greece
Int'l Trade Show for Fruit and Vegetables
20170502 May May SIAL Canada
02.May - 04.May, 2017
Toronto, Canada
SIAL Canada
Int'l Food Exhibition
20170502 May May Fi Istanbul
02.May - 04.May, 2017
Istanbul, Turkey
Fi Istanbul
Food Ingredients Istanbul
20170504 May May Coffeena
04.May - 06.May, 2017
Cologne, Germany
Int'l Coffee Fair
20170506 May May Badische Weinmesse
06.May - 07.May, 2017
Offenburg, Germany
Badische Weinmesse
Regional Wine Exhibition
20170508 May May Hofex
08.May - 11.May, 2017
Hongkong/SAR, China
Int'l Exhibition of Food & Drink, Hotel, Restaurant & Foodservice Equipment, Supplies & Services
20170508 May May Tuttofood
08.May - 11.May, 2017
Milan, Italy
World Food Exhibition
20170509 May May VitaFoods
09.May - 11.May, 2017
Geneva, Switzerland
Int'l Exhibition and Congress for the Nutraceutical, Cosmeceutical and Functional Food Ingredients Industry
20170510 May May Seoul Seafood Show
10.May - 12.May, 2017
Seoul, Korea (South)
Seoul Seafood Show
Seoul Int'l Seafood Show
20170511 May May Warsaw Gastro Show
11.May - 14.May, 2017
Warsaw, Poland
Warsaw Gastro Show
Warsaw Gastro Show
20170512 May May Foodagro Africa
12.May - 14.May, 2017
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Foodagro Africa
Food, Agro and Hospitality Trade Exhibition
20170512 May May Cakes & Baking World
12.May - 13.May, 2017
Trencin, Slovakia
Cakes & Baking World / Torty & Svet Pečenia
Nationwide Confectioners Exhibition
20170515 May May World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo
15.May - 17.May, 2017
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo
Int'l Travel Catering Expo
20170516 May May Seoul Food
16.May - 19.May, 2017
Goyang/Seoul, Korea (South)
Seoul Food
Int'l Food, Industry Exhibition
20170516 May May PLMA'S 'World of Private Label'
16.May - 17.May, 2017
Amsterdam, Netherlands
PLMA'S 'World of Private Label'
PLMA'S 'World of Private Label'
20170516 May May Beer
16.May - 19.May, 2017
Sochi, Russia
Beer / Пиво
Int'l Exhibition for Beer, Raw Material and Equipment for Brewery
20170517 May May SIAL China
17.May - 19.May, 2017
Shanghai, China
SIAL China
Int'l Food Product Trade Show
20170517 May May Food & Drinks
17.May - 21.May, 2017
Chisinau, Moldova
Food & Drinks
Int'l Food, Drinks and Food Technology Fair
20170518 May May IFEX Philippines
18.May - 21.May, 2017
Pasay City, Philippines
IFEX Philippines
Int'l Food Exhibition
20170519 May May CIFE
19.May - 21.May, 2017
Guangzhou, China
China Int'l Foodstuff (Guangzhou) Exposition
20170520 May May Bellavita Expo
20.May - 23.May, 2017
Chicago, USA
Bellavita Expo
The Excellence of Italian Food and Wine
20170521 May May Alimentaria & Horexpo Lisboa
21.May - 23.May, 2017
Lisbon, Portugal
Alimentaria & Horexpo Lisboa
Int'l Food, Hospitality and Technology for the Food and Drinks Industry Exhibition
20170522 May May London International Wine Fair
22.May - 24.May, 2017
London, United Kingdom
London International Wine Fair
London Int'l Wine Fair
20170523 May May Sweets and Snacks Expo
23.May - 25.May, 2017
Chicago, USA
Sweets and Snacks Expo
Sweets and Snacks Expo
20170524 May May HFE Japan
24.May - 26.May, 2017
Tokyo, Japan
HFE Japan
Health Food Exposition & Conference
20170524 May May IFIA Japan
24.May - 26.May, 2017
Tokyo, Japan
IFIA Japan
Int'l Food Ingredients & Additives Exhibition and Conference
20170525 May May WorldFood Azerbaijan
25.May - 27.May, 2017
Baku, Azerbaijan
WorldFood Azerbaijan
Int'l Specialized Exhibition for Food and Beverages, Food Processing and Food Packaging
20170525 May May BioFach China
25.May - 27.May, 2017
Shanghai, China
BioFach China
Int'l Organic Trade Fair
20170530 May June InterFood Astana
30.May - 01.Jun, 2017
Astana, Kazakhstan
InterFood Astana
Kazakhstan Int'l Exhibition "Foodstuffs, Drinks, Packaging And Equipment For Food Industry"
20170531 May June Thaifex
31.May - 04.Jun, 2017
Bangkok, Thailand
Int'l Trade Exhibition covering Food and Beverages
20170602 June June Foodagro Kenya
02.Jun - 04.Jun, 2017
Nairobi, Kenya
Foodagro Kenya
Int'l Trade Exhibition on Food, Hotel and Kitchen
20170604 June June Naturally Good Expo
04.Jun - 05.Jun, 2017
Sydney, Australia
Naturally Good Expo
Asia Pacific’s Premier Business Event for the Natural, Organic and Healthy Products Market
20170604 June June Fantastic Food+Drink
04.Jun - 05.Jun, 2017
Sydney, Australia
Fantastic Food+Drink
The Marketplace for Specialty Food Business
20170606 June June Belproduct
06.Jun - 10.Jun, 2017
Minsk, Belarus
Int'l Food Exhibition
20170607 June June Polfish
07.Jun - 09.Jun, 2017
Gdansk, Poland
Int'l Fair of Fish Processing and Fish Products
20170608 June June Free From Food Expo
08.Jun - 09.Jun, 2017
Barcelona, Spain
Free From Food Expo
Food / Ingredients
20170609 June June WinExpo Georgia
09.Jun - 11.Jun, 2017
Tbilissi, Georgia
WinExpo Georgia
Int'l Trade Fair for Wines and Spirits
20170615 June June BBC Good Food Show
15.Jun - 18.Jun, 2017
Birmingham, United Kingdom
BBC Good Food Show
BBC Good Food Show
20170616 June June Edible Oil & Olive Oil Exhibition
16.Jun - 18.Jun, 2017
Guangzhou, China
Edible Oil & Olive Oil Exhibition
Int'l Edible Oil and Olive Oil (Guangzhou) Exhibition
20170616 June June IFE China International Food Exhibition
16.Jun - 18.Jun, 2017
Guangzhou, China
IFE China International Food Exhibition
Int'l Food Trade Show
20170616 June June Waterexpo
16.Jun - 18.Jun, 2017
Guangzhou, China
China (Guangzhou) Int'l High-end Drinking Water Industry Expo
20170616 June June CINHOE
16.Jun - 18.Jun, 2017
Guangzhou, China
China (Guangzhou) Int'l Nutrition and Health Food and Organic Products Exhibition
20170618 June June Vinexpo
18.Jun - 21.Jun, 2017
Bordeaux, France
Int'l Wine and Spirits Exhibition
20170618 June June Bellavita Expo
18.Jun - 20.Jun, 2017
London, United Kingdom
Bellavita Expo
The Excellence of Italian Food and Wine
20170620 June June Fi Asia-China/Hi China/Ni China
20.Jun - 22.Jun, 2017
Shanghai, China
Fi Asia-China/Hi China/Ni China
Food Ingredients Asia-China
20170621 June June Snackex
21.Jun - 22.Jun, 2017
Vienna, Austria
Snacks Exhibition
20170621 June June Food Taipei
21.Jun - 24.Jun, 2017
Taipei, Taiwan
Food Taipei
Taipei Int'l Food Show
20170624 June June CIFE China
24.Jun - 26.Jun, 2017
Beijing, China
CIFE China
China Int'l Imported Food and Snack Food Exhibition
20170625 June June Africa's Big Seven
25.Jun - 27.Jun, 2017
Johannesburg, South Africa
Africa's Big Seven
Africa's Food and Beverage Retail Trade Exhibition
20170625 June June IFT Food Expo
25.Jun - 28.Jun, 2017
Las Vegas, USA
IFT Food Expo
Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting & Food Expo
20170625 June June Summer Fancy Food Show
25.Jun - 27.Jun, 2017
New York, USA
Summer Fancy Food Show
Int'l Summer Fancy Food & Confection Show
20170628 June June Bio tech
28.Jun - 30.Jun, 2017
Tokyo, Japan
Bio tech
Asia's largest drug discovery and life science event
20170629 June July Wine & Gourmet Taipei
29.Jun - 01.Jul, 2017
Taipei, Taiwan
Wine & Gourmet Taipei
Annual Wine and Gourmet Exhibition
20170706 July July Cafe Show China
06.Jul - 09.Jul, 2017
Beijing, China
Cafe Show China
China Int'l Cafe Show
20170715 July July IPCPR
15.Jul - 19.Jul, 2017
Las Vegas, USA
Int'l Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers Annual Convention and Trade Show
20170804 August August Pro Food Pro Pack
04.Aug - 06.Aug, 2017
Colombo , Sri Lanka
Pro Food Pro Pack
Int'l Processed Food, Beverage and Packaging Exhibition
20170809 August August MIFB
09.Aug - 11.Aug, 2017
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Malaysian Int'l Food and Beverage Trade Fair
20170817 August August Food Expo
17.Aug - 21.Aug, 2017
Hongkong/SAR, China
Food Expo
Food Expo
20170817 August August Hortico
17.Aug - 20.Aug, 2017
Debrecen, Hungary
Fruit and Vegetable Horticultural Exhibition
20170817 August August Farmer Expo
17.Aug - 20.Aug, 2017
Debrecen, Hungary
Farmer Expo
Int'l Exhibition of Agriculture and Food Industry
20170819 August August SIFCE
19.Aug - 21.Aug, 2017
Shanghai, China
Shanghai Int'l Frozen and Chilled Food Exposition
20170822 August August Foodagro
22.Aug - 24.Aug, 2017
Daressalam, Tanzania
Int'l Trade Exhibition on Food, Hotel and Kitchen
20170824 August August BioFach Japan
24.Aug - 26.Aug, 2017
Yokohama, Japan
BioFach Japan
Int'l Organic Trade Fair
20170824 August August Drinks
24.Aug - 26.Aug, 2017
Sochi, Russia
Drinks / Напитки
Int'l Exhibition of Drinks
20170825 August August Fishex
25.Aug - 27.Aug, 2017
Guangzhou, China
China (Guangzhou) Int'l Fishery and Seafood Expo
20170827 August August Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo
27.Aug - 29.Aug, 2017
Los Angeles, USA
Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo
Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo
20170830 August September Natural & Organic Products Asia
30.Aug - 01.Sep, 2017
Hongkong/SAR, China
Natural & Organic Products Asia
Natural and Organic Products Asia
20170903 September September Speciality & Fine Food Fair
03.Sep - 05.Sep, 2017
London, United Kingdom
Speciality & Fine Food Fair
Speciality & Fine Food Fair
20170905 September September Seafood Expo Asia
05.Sep - 07.Sep, 2017
Hongkong/SAR, China
Seafood Expo Asia
Premium Seafood Marketplace for Asia
20170905 September September Vitafoods Asia
05.Sep - 06.Sep, 2017
Singapore, Singapore
Vitafoods Asia
Int'l Exhibition for the Nutraceutical, Cosmeceutical and Functional Food Ingredients Industry
20170906 September September Asia Fruit Logistica
06.Sep - 08.Sep, 2017
Hongkong/SAR, China
Asia Fruit Logistica
Int'l Trade Fair for Fruit and Vegetable Marketing
20170906 September September Riga Food
06.Sep - 09.Sep, 2017
Riga, Latvia
Riga Food
Int'l food industry fair
20170906 September September Food & Hotel Thailand (IFHS)
06.Sep - 09.Sep, 2017
Bangkok, Thailand
Food & Hotel Thailand (IFHS)
Int'l Food, Drinks, Hotel, Catering, Bakery & Franchising Exhibition
20170907 September September WorldFood Istanbul
07.Sep - 10.Sep, 2017
Istanbul, Turkey
WorldFood Istanbul
Int'l Food Products and Processing Technologies Exhibition
20170908 September September SANA
08.Sep - 11.Sep, 2017
Bologna, Italy
Int'l Exhibition of Natural Products
20170909 September September Bakepol
09.Sep - 12.Sep, 2017
Lublin, Poland
Baking and Confectionery Industry Fair
20170911 September September drinktec
11.Sep - 15.Sep, 2017
Munich, Germany
World's Leading Trade Fair for the Beverage and Liquid Food Industry
20170911 September September WorldFood Moscow
11.Sep - 14.Sep, 2017
Moscow, Russia
WorldFood Moscow
Int'l Food & Beverage Exhibition
20170912 September September Sweets & Bakery Ukraine
12.Sep - 14.Sep, 2017
Kiev, Ukraine
Sweets & Bakery Ukraine
Int'l Exhibition of Confectionery and Bakery Industry
20170913 September September Fi Asia
13.Sep - 15.Sep, 2017
Bangkok, Thailand
Fi Asia
Int'l Exhibition on Food Ingredients, Product Development and Quality Control
20170913 September September Natural Products Expo East
13.Sep - 16.Sep, 2017
Baltimore, USA
Natural Products Expo East
Natural Products Expo East
20170914 September September World of Food India
14.Sep - 16.Sep, 2017
Mumbai, India
World of Food India
Int'l Exhibition and Conference for the Food Industry
20170914 September September BioFach America
14.Sep - 16.Sep, 2017
Baltimore, USA
BioFach America
Organic Products Expo
20170915 September September IOF
15.Sep - 17.Sep, 2017
Guangzhou, China
China Guangzhou Int'l Exhibition for Organic Food
20170915 September September HCI
15.Sep - 17.Sep, 2017
Guangzhou, China
China Guangzhou Int'l Exhibition for Health Care Food and Nourishment
20170919 September September FMA China
19.Sep - 21.Sep, 2017
Guangzhou, China
FMA China
China Int'l Food, Meat and Aquatic Products Exhibition
20170922 September September Inter-tabac
22.Sep - 24.Sep, 2017
Dortmund, Germany
Int'l trade fair for tobacco goods and smoking accessories
20170922 September September Sveriges Bageri & Konditorimässa
22.Sep - 24.Sep, 2017
Stockholm, Sweden
Sveriges Bageri & Konditorimässa
Event for the Entire Baking and Confectionery Industry
20170926 September September IFE Americas
26.Sep - 29.Sep, 2017
Miami, USA
IFE Americas
Americas Food & Beverage Show & Conference
20170928 September October Eurofruit
28.Sep - 01.Oct, 2017
Lleida, Spain
Int'l Fruit Show
20170929 September October Biocultura
29.Sep - 01.Oct, 2017
Valencia, Spain
Organic Products and Responsible Consumption
20170930 September October Tastes of Regions
30.Sep - 03.Oct, 2017
Poznan, Poland
Tastes of Regions / Smaki Regionów
Regional Food and Beverages Trade Show
20171002 October October Polagra-Food
02.Oct - 05.Oct, 2017
Poznan, Poland
Int'l Trade Fair for the Food Industry
20171004 October October HI Japan
04.Oct - 06.Oct, 2017
Tokyo, Japan
HI Japan
Health Ingredients Japan
20171006 October October Turku Food and Wine Fair
06.Oct - 08.Oct, 2017
Turku, Finland
Turku Food and Wine Fair / Turun Ruoka- ja Viinimessut
Turku Food and Wine Fair
20171007 October October Anuga
07.Oct - 11.Oct, 2017
Cologne, Germany
The leading trade fair for the global food industry
20171012 October October Pekarsko-Mlinarski Dani
12.Oct - 14.Oct, 2017
Novi Sad, Serbia
Pekarsko-Mlinarski Dani
Balkan Bakery And Miling Industry Expo
20171012 October October OLMA
12.Oct - 22.Oct, 2017
St. Gallen, Switzerland
Swiss Agricultural and Dairy-Farming Fair
20171013 October October Eat'n Style
13.Oct - 15.Oct, 2017
Dusseldorf, Germany
Eat'n Style
Cuisine, Culinary and Hospitality
20171013 October October Natura Food Days
13.Oct - 15.Oct, 2017
Lodz, Poland
Natura Food Days
Int'l Fair of Organic and Regional Food
20171014 October October Salon De L'Alimentation - Food & Feel Good
14.Oct - 22.Oct, 2017
Brussels, Belgium
Salon De L'Alimentation - Food & Feel Good
Food and Domestic Equipment Trade Fair
20171015 October October BioNord
15.Oct - 15.Oct, 2017
Hanover, Germany
The Fair for Organic Retailers
20171017 October October The NACS Show
17.Oct - 20.Oct, 2017
Chicago, USA
The NACS Show
National Association of Convenience Stores
20171018 October October CIMIE
18.Oct - 20.Oct, 2017
Qingdao, China
China Int'l Meat Industry Exhibition
20171018 October October Fruit Attraction
18.Oct - 20.Oct, 2017
Madrid, Spain
Fruit Attraction
Trade Show for the Fruit and Vegetable Industry
20171019 October October PMA Fresh Summit
19.Oct - 21.Oct, 2017
New Orleans, USA
PMA Fresh Summit
Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit Int'l Convention & Exposition
20171020 October October Megavino
20.Oct - 23.Oct, 2017
Brussels, Belgium
Vine Exhibition
20171022 October October Natexpo
22.Oct - 24.Oct, 2017
Paris, France
Int'l Trade Show for Organic, Health Food and Ecological Products
20171023 October October Grocery Innovations Canada
23.Oct - 24.Oct, 2017
Toronto, Canada
Grocery Innovations Canada
Grocery Innovations Canada
20171025 October October Tallinn Food Fair
25.Oct - 27.Oct, 2017
Tallinn, Estonia
Tallinn Food Fair / Tallinna Toidumess
Tallinn Food Fair
20171025 October October Indagra Food
25.Oct - 29.Oct, 2017
Bucharest, Romania
Indagra Food
Int'l exhibition for food products and equipment
20171025 October October Indagra
25.Oct - 29.Oct, 2017
Bucharest, Romania
Int'l fair for agriculture, gardening, winery and animal breeding
20171025 October October FoodTech Eurasia
25.Oct - 28.Oct, 2017
Istanbul, Turkey
FoodTech Eurasia
Food Technology and Food Safety Fair
20171025 October October WorldFood Ukraine
25.Oct - 27.Oct, 2017
Kiev, Ukraine
WorldFood Ukraine
Int'l Specialized Exhibition for Food, Hotel & Restaurant Supply, Services, Catering, Food Processing & Packaging (Ingredients/ProdPack/Prodmash)
20171026 October October Wine & Food
26.Oct - 29.Oct, 2017
Helsinki, Finland
Wine & Food / Viini ja ruoka
Finnish Food Fair
20171027 October October Eat'n Style
27.Oct - 29.Oct, 2017
Munich, Germany
Eat'n Style
Cuisine, Culinary and Hospitality
20171027 October October Portugal Agro
27.Oct - 29.Oct, 2017
Lisbon, Portugal
Portugal Agro
Int'l Fair of Regions, Agriculture and Agro Food
20171101 November November WorldFood
01.Nov - 03.Nov, 2017
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Int'l Exhibition for Food, Drink Products and Technology
20171109 November November BioFach India
09.Nov - 11.Nov, 2017
Greater Noida, India
BioFach India
Int'l Organic Trade Fair
20171109 November November Fi India
09.Nov - 11.Nov, 2017
Mumbai, India
Fi India
Food Ingredients India
20171109 November November Biocultura
09.Nov - 12.Nov, 2017
Madrid, Spain
Organic Products and Responsible Consumption
20171109 November November Sthlm Food & Wine (form. Mitt kök)
09.Nov - 12.Nov, 2017
Stockholm, Sweden
Sthlm Food & Wine (form. Mitt kök)
Fair for everyone interested in food, drink and kitchen equipment
20171109 November November Food & Nutritional Ingredients
09.Nov - 11.Nov, 2017
Istanbul, Turkey
Food & Nutritional Ingredients
Food and Nutritional Ingredients, Raw Materials and Technologies Exhibition
20171110 November November Intertastes China
10.Nov - 12.Nov, 2017
Guangzhou, China
Intertastes China
Int'l Food and Drink Exhibition
20171110 November November ELMA
10.Nov - 12.Nov, 2017
Helsinki, Finland
Food and Agriculture Show
20171110 November November Plaza Culinaria
10.Nov - 12.Nov, 2017
Freiburg, Germany
Plaza Culinaria
Culinary Event and Consumer Goods Exhibition
20171113 November November Foodex Saudi
13.Nov - 16.Nov, 2017
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Foodex Saudi
Int'l Food and Drink Trade Exhibition
20171114 November November FHC China
14.Nov - 16.Nov, 2017
Shanghai, China
FHC China
Int'l Food, Drink, Hospitality, Foodservice, Bakery and Retail IT Exhibition
20171116 November November Latin Food & Beverage Expo
16.Nov - 18.Nov, 2017
Panama, Panama
Latin Food & Beverage Expo
Latin Food and Beverage Expo
20171117 November November Eat'n Style
17.Nov - 19.Nov, 2017
Hamburg, Germany
Eat'n Style
Cuisine, Culinary and Hospitality
20171122 November November Fair of Ethnic Food and Drinks
22.Nov - 25.Nov, 2017
Belgrade, Serbia
Fair of Ethnic Food and Drinks
Fair of Ethnic Food and Drinks
20171128 November November Fi Europe
28.Nov - 30.Nov, 2017
Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Fi Europe
Food Ingredients Europe
20171208 December December Addis Agrofood
08.Dec - 11.Dec, 2017
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Addis Agrofood
Int'l Agriculture and Agricultural Machinery, Food, Food Technology and Packaging Exhibition
20171208 December December Functional Food Myanmar
08.Dec - 10.Dec, 2017
Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)
Functional Food Myanmar
Int'l Conference and Exhibition on Functional Food for Myanmar
20180203 February February Intersuc
03.Feb - 06.Feb, 2018
Paris, France
Int'l Confectionery, Chocolate, Biscuit, Pastry and Fine Food Exhibition
20180225 February February Fish International
25.Feb - 27.Feb, 2018
Bremen, Germany
Fish International
Int'l Trade Fair for Fish and Seafood: Trading Market, Processing, Logistics, Point of Sale
20180228 February March Vinex
28.Feb - 03.Mar, 2018
Brno, Czech Republic
Int'l Wine Fair
20180228 February March Salima
28.Feb - 03.Mar, 2018
Brno, Czech Republic
Int'l Food Fair
20180424 April April FHA Food & Hotel Asia
24.Apr - 27.Apr, 2018
Singapore, Singapore
FHA Food & Hotel Asia
Int'l Exhibition of Food, Drink, Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Equipment, Supplies and Services
20180915 September September iba
15.Sep - 20.Sep, 2018
Munich, Germany
The World's Leading Trade Fair for Bakery, Confectionary and Snacks
20180930 September October Broodway
30.Sep - 03.Oct, 2018
Kortrijk, Belgium
Trade Fair for Bakery, Confectionery and Ice-Cream
20181021 October October SIAL
21.Oct - 25.Oct, 2018
Paris, France
Int'l Food Products Exhibition
20181025 October October TriestEspresso Expo
25.Oct - 27.Oct, 2018
Trieste, Italy
TriestEspresso Expo
Italian Espresso Coffee Show
20181113 November November Brau Beviale
13.Nov - 15.Nov, 2018
Nuremberg, Germany
Brau Beviale
Raw Materials - Technologies - Logistics - Marketing