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20170425 April April China Wuhan International Beauty Expo
25.Apr - 27.Apr, 2017
Wuhan, China
China Wuhan International Beauty Expo
The 10th Central China International Beauty, Body-beauty and Cosmetics Expo 2017
20170427 April April ASEANbeauty
27.Apr - 29.Apr, 2017
Bangkok, Thailand
South East Asia's Premier Beauty Show
20170427 April April BeautyEurasia
27.Apr - 29.Apr, 2017
Istanbul, Turkey
Int'l Trade Fair for Beauty Products, Cosmetics, Parfumery, Salons and Wellness
20170505 May May Ilumess
05.May - 06.May, 2017
Tartu, Estonia
Beauty fair
20170505 May May Cosmofarma
05.May - 07.May, 2017
Bologna, Italy
Int'l Exhibition of Products and Services for Health, Wellness and Beauty offered in Pharmacies
20170506 May May CIBE
06.May - 08.May, 2017
Shanghai, China
China Int'l Beauty Expo
20170506 May May Beauty Greece
06.May - 08.May, 2017
Paiania, Greece
Beauty Greece
Int'l Beauty Trade Fair
20170506 May May IBE
06.May - 09.May, 2017
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Int'l Beauty Expo
20170507 May May The Makeup Show NYC
07.May - 08.May, 2017
New York, USA
The Makeup Show NYC
Makeup Beauty Event
20170512 May May Beauty World
12.May - 14.May, 2017
Tallinn, Estonia
Beauty World / Ilu sõnum
Int'l Trade Fair of Cosmetics, Hairdressing, Fitness, Fashion and Bijouterie
20170512 May May Health and Beauty Industry
12.May - 14.May, 2017
Saratov, Russia
Health and Beauty Industry / Индустрия красоты и здоровья
Health and Beauty Industry Exhibition
20170514 May May Beautyworld Middle East
14.May - 16.May, 2017
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Beautyworld Middle East
The Largest Int'l Trade Fair for Beauty Products, Cosmetics and Perfumery in the Middle East
20170515 May May Beautyworld Japan
15.May - 17.May, 2017
Tokyo, Japan
Beautyworld Japan
Int'l Trade Fair for Beauty and Spa Industries
20170517 May May Sibbeauty. Sibirskaya Akvarel
17.May - 20.May, 2017
Novosibirsk, Russia
Sibbeauty. Sibirskaya Akvarel / Сибирская акварель
Int'l Specialized Exhibition of Cosmetics and Perfumery, Equipment and Accessories for Beauty Salons
20170519 May May Beauty Days
19.May - 21.May, 2017
Warsaw, Poland
Beauty Days
Int'l Beauty, Cosmetic and Hairdressing Industry Trade Fair
20170521 May May Professional Beauty Durban
21.May - 22.May, 2017
Durban, South Africa
Professional Beauty Durban
Exhibition for Beauty Products, Services and Equipment
20170523 May May China Beauty Expo
23.May - 25.May, 2017
Shanghai, China
China Beauty Expo
Int'l Beauty and Cosmetics Expo
20170524 May May BeautyExpo Uzbekistan
24.May - 26.May, 2017
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
BeautyExpo Uzbekistan
Int'l Specialized Exhibition of Beauty Products in the Republic of Uzbekistan
20170531 May June CITE Japan
31.May - 02.Jun, 2017
Yokohama, Japan
CITE Japan
Cosmetic Ingredients and Technology Exhibition
20170601 June June Beauty Show Krasnodar
01.Jun - 04.Jun, 2017
Krasnodar, Russia
Beauty Show Krasnodar
Exhibition of Perfumery and Cosmetics, Equipment and Accessories for Hair-Dresser's, Nail Centers, Fitness Clubs and Beauty Shops
20170601 June June Cosmetics Ukraine
01.Jun - 02.Jun, 2017
Kiev, Ukraine
Cosmetics Ukraine
Int'l Forum Cosmetics Ukraine
20170611 June June China Shanxi International Beauty Expo
11.Jun - 13.Jun, 2017
Taiyuan, China
China Shanxi International Beauty Expo
China (Shanxi) Int'l Beauty, Hairdressing, Body-beauty and Cosmetics Expo
20170615 June June Alternative Fragrance & Beauty
15.Jun - 17.Jun, 2017
Paris, France
Alternative Fragrance & Beauty
Alternative Fragrance and Beauty
20170615 June June Mekong Beauty Show
15.Jun - 17.Jun, 2017
Hochiminh City, Viet Nam
Mekong Beauty Show
Int'l Cosmetics and Beauty Industry Exhibitions
20170618 June June The Makeup Show Chicago
18.Jun - 19.Jun, 2017
Chicago, USA
The Makeup Show Chicago
Makeup Beauty Event
20170621 June June Cosmetic Business
21.Jun - 22.Jun, 2017
Munich, Germany
Cosmetic Business
Cosmetic's Industry Trade Fair
20170626 June June Professional Beauty Delhi
26.Jun - 27.Jun, 2017
New Delhi, India
Professional Beauty Delhi
Int'l Exhibition for Beauty Products, Services & Equipment
20170703 July July India Beauty & Spa Expo
03.Jul - 04.Jul, 2017
New Delhi, India
India Beauty & Spa Expo
Int'l Beauty Show
20170709 July July Cosmoprof North America
09.Jul - 11.Jul, 2017
Las Vegas, USA
Cosmoprof North America
B2B Cosmetic Trade Show
20170713 July July Nigeria BhExpo
13.Jul - 15.Jul, 2017
Lagos, Nigeria
Nigeria BhExpo
Int'l Beauty, Hygiene and Cosmetic Exhibition
20170804 August August China Beijing International Health Beauty Expo
04.Aug - 06.Aug, 2017
Beijing, China
China Beijing International Health Beauty Expo
Beijing Int'l Beauty Salon Products and Cosmetics Expo
20170819 August August Total Store Expo
19.Aug - 22.Aug, 2017
San Diego, USA
Total Store Expo
Trade Fair on all Aspects of Retail
20170820 August August China Kunming International Beauty Expo
20.Aug - 22.Aug, 2017
Kunming, China
China Kunming International Beauty Expo
Pan-Asia (Kunming) Int'l Beauty and Cosmetics Expo
20170830 August September Natural & Organic Products Asia
30.Aug - 01.Sep, 2017
Hongkong/SAR, China
Natural & Organic Products Asia
Natural and Organic Products Asia
20170902 September September Cosmetica Hannover
02.Sep - 03.Sep, 2017
Hanover, Germany
Cosmetica Hannover
Cosmetic trade fair
20170903 September September Professional Beauty Johannesburg
03.Sep - 04.Sep, 2017
Johannesburg, South Africa
Professional Beauty Johannesburg
Exhibition for Beauty Products, Services and Equipment
20170907 September September Fashion and Cosmetics
07.Sep - 09.Sep, 2017
Kaliningrad, Russia
Fashion and Cosmetics / Мода и косметика
Fashion and Cosmetics Exhibition
20170908 September September World of Beauty & SPA
08.Sep - 09.Sep, 2017
Prague, Czech Republic
World of Beauty & SPA
Int'l Trade Fair for Cosmetics, Hairdressing and Healthy Lifestyle
20170913 September September Natural Products Expo East
13.Sep - 16.Sep, 2017
Baltimore, USA
Natural Products Expo East
Natural Products Expo East
20170915 September September Beauty Connect Expo Cambodia
15.Sep - 17.Sep, 2017
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Beauty Connect Expo Cambodia
Beauty Industry Event
20170916 September September MCB
16.Sep - 18.Sep, 2017
Paris, France
Mondial Coiffure Beauté Paris
20170918 September September Professional Beauty Mumbai
18.Sep - 19.Sep, 2017
Mumbai, India
Professional Beauty Mumbai
Int'l Exhibition for Beauty Products, Services & Equipment
20170920 September September KazInterBeauty
20.Sep - 23.Sep, 2017
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Int'l Beauty Exhibition
20170920 September September InterCHARM Ukraine
20.Sep - 22.Sep, 2017
Kiev, Ukraine
InterCHARM Ukraine
Int'l Perfumery & Cosmetics Exhibition
20170921 September September Beyond Beauty ASEAN Bangkok
21.Sep - 23.Sep, 2017
Bangkok, Thailand
Beyond Beauty ASEAN Bangkok
Beauty and Cosmetic, Herbal and Health, Hair and Nail and Packaging and OEM
20170923 September September Trends of Beauty
23.Sep - 24.Sep, 2017
Vienna, Austria
Trends of Beauty
Trade Fair for the Cosmetics Sector
20170923 September September The Makeup Show Dallas
23.Sep - 24.Sep, 2017
Dallas, USA
The Makeup Show Dallas
Makeup Beauty Event
20170924 September September Professional Beauty Ireland
24.Sep - 25.Sep, 2017
Dublin, Ireland
Professional Beauty Ireland
Professional Beauty Trade Exhibition
20170926 September September Beauty and Health
26.Sep - 28.Sep, 2017
Minsk, Belarus
Beauty and Health
Int'l Specialized Salon
20170928 September September Beauty Azerbaijan
28.Sep - 30.Sep, 2017
Baku, Azerbaijan
Beauty Azerbaijan
Int'l Beauty and Esthetic Medicine Exhibition
20170928 September October Cosmetics-Beauty-Hair
28.Sep - 01.Oct, 2017
Bucharest, Romania
Int'l Exhibition of Products and Equipment for Cosmetology, Body Care and Hairdressing
20170929 September October Arena of Beauty
29.Sep - 01.Oct, 2017
Sofia, Bulgaria
Arena of Beauty
Aesthetics, Cosmetics, SPA & Wellness
20171005 October October Interbeauty
05.Oct - 07.Oct, 2017
Bratislava, Slovakia
Int'l fair of cosmetics
20171006 October October Beauty Expo
06.Oct - 09.Oct, 2017
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Beauty Expo
Malaysia Int'l Beauty Show
20171007 October October Uroda
07.Oct - 08.Oct, 2017
Gdansk, Poland
Cosmetics and Hairdressing Fair
20171012 October October Spas
12.Oct - 14.Oct, 2017
St. Petersburg, Russia
Spas / Курорты
Specialized Exhibition
20171013 October October Beauty World
13.Oct - 15.Oct, 2017
Tallinn, Estonia
Beauty World / Ilu sõnum
Int'l Trade Fair of Cosmetics, Hairdressing, Fitness, Fashion and Bijouterie
20171013 October October Beauty
13.Oct - 15.Oct, 2017
Klaipeda, Lithuania
Beauty / Grožis
Exhibition of Beauty Industry and Style
20171013 October October Aesthetic Medicine
13.Oct - 15.Oct, 2017
St. Petersburg, Russia
Aesthetic Medicine
Int'l Exhibition of Products and Services for Aesthetic and Cosmetic Medicine
20171014 October October Cosmetista Expo
14.Oct - 17.Oct, 2017
Casablanca, Morocco
Cosmetista Expo
Professional Int'l Exhibition of Business of Cosmetic Beauty and Wellness
20171014 October October The Touch of Paris
14.Oct - 15.Oct, 2017
Belgrade, Serbia
The Touch of Paris / Dodir Pariza
Int'l Congress and Fair of Cosmetics
20171014 October October Salon International
14.Oct - 16.Oct, 2017
London, United Kingdom
Salon International
The biggest hair event in the UK
20171015 October October VitaSana
15.Oct - 16.Oct, 2017
Brussels, Belgium
Trade Fair for Organic Food Products and Food Supplements
20171016 October October Beautyworld Japan West
16.Oct - 18.Oct, 2017
Osaka, Japan
Beautyworld Japan West
Beauty Trade Fair
20171018 October October Beauty Professional
18.Oct - 20.Oct, 2017
Kazan, Russia
Beauty Professional / Красота Professional
Int'l Exhibition for Perfumery, Cosmetics, Equipment for Beauty Salons
20171020 October October Fashion
20.Oct - 22.Oct, 2017
Helsinki, Finland
Fashion / Muoti
Fashion & Beauty Show and Fair
20171020 October October I love me
20.Oct - 22.Oct, 2017
Helsinki, Finland
I love me
Health, Fashion, Beauty, Naturally, Jewel and Watch Exhibition
20171020 October October Beauty
20.Oct - 22.Oct, 2017
Helsinki, Finland
Beauty / Kauneus
Look good and feel beautiful
20171020 October October Health
20.Oct - 22.Oct, 2017
Helsinki, Finland
Health / Terveys
Health & Wellness
20171021 October October In Beauty
21.Oct - 23.Oct, 2017
Porto, Portugal
In Beauty
Int'l Cosmetics, Esthetics and Hair Exhibition
20171022 October October Haare
22.Oct - 23.Oct, 2017
Nuremberg, Germany
Trade Fair and Bavarian Hairdressing Championship / Hair, Beauty and more
20171025 October October InterCharm
25.Oct - 28.Oct, 2017
Moscow, Russia
Int'l Perfumery and Cosmetics Exhibition
20171031 October November Cosmex
31.Oct - 02.Nov, 2017
Bangkok, Thailand
Exhibition on Manufacturing Technologies, Packaging & ODM/ OEM Services for Cosmetics, Personal Care, Dietary Supplement Products
20171102 November November InterStyle
02.Nov - 05.Nov, 2017
Minsk, Belarus
Hairstyling, Make-up and Beauty
20171103 November November Baltic Beauty
03.Nov - 05.Nov, 2017
Riga, Latvia
Baltic Beauty
Baltic Consolidated Beauty Industry Project
20171103 November November Salón LOOK Internacional
03.Nov - 05.Nov, 2017
Madrid, Spain
Salón LOOK Internacional
The Image and Integral Aesthetics Exhibitions
20171104 November November The Makeup Show LA
04.Nov - 05.Nov, 2017
Los Angeles, USA
The Makeup Show LA
Makeup Beauty Event
20171108 November November Bazaar Berlin
08.Nov - 12.Nov, 2017
Berlin, Germany
Bazaar Berlin
A world full of beauty
20171108 November November Cosmobeaute Kazakhstan
08.Nov - 10.Nov, 2017
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Cosmobeaute Kazakhstan
Int'l Beauty and Aesthetic Medicine Exhibition
20171109 November November Sulu Expo
09.Nov - 12.Nov, 2017
Astana, Kazakhstan
Sulu Expo
Int'l Exhibition for Beauty and Fashion Industry
20171109 November November Life Sciences Ingredients
09.Nov - 11.Nov, 2017
Istanbul, Turkey
Life Sciences Ingredients
Pharmaceuticals, Food, Cosmetics, Personal and Home Care Ingredients, Raw Materials and Technologies Exhibition
20171109 November November Cosmetics & Home Care Ingredients
09.Nov - 11.Nov, 2017
Istanbul, Turkey
Cosmetics & Home Care Ingredients
Cosmetics, Personal and Home Care Ingredients, Raw Materials and Technologies Exhibition
20171109 November November Style & Beauty
09.Nov - 11.Nov, 2017
Odessa, Ukraine
Style & Beauty
Int'l Forum on Cosmetics, Nail Design and Hairdresser's Art
20171114 November November Cosmoprof Asia
14.Nov - 17.Nov, 2017
Hongkong/SAR, China
Cosmoprof Asia
Asia Pacific Beauty Fair
20171115 November November The World Of Style And Beauty
15.Nov - 19.Nov, 2017
Irkutsk, Russia
The World Of Style And Beauty / Мир Стиля и Красоты
The World Of Style And Beauty
20171115 November November Natural Products Scandinavia
15.Nov - 16.Nov, 2017
Malmoe, Sweden
Natural Products Scandinavia
Scandinavian Business Event for Healthy Living, Natural Beauty, Nutrition and Self Care
20171118 November November Cosmetica Berlin
18.Nov - 19.Nov, 2017
Berlin, Germany
Cosmetica Berlin
Int'l Cosmetics Show
20171121 November November PharmTech
21.Nov - 24.Nov, 2017
Moscow, Russia
PharmTech / Фармтех
Int'l Trade Fair of Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Manufacturing
20171123 November November Cross-strait Xiamen International Beauty Expo
23.Nov - 25.Nov, 2017
Xiamen, China
Cross-strait Xiamen International Beauty Expo
Cross-Strait Xiamen Int'l Beauty, Hairdressing and Cosmetics Expo
20171127 November November Saudi Health & Beauty
27.Nov - 29.Nov, 2017
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Saudi Health & Beauty
Int'l Health and Beauty Exhibition
20171203 December December Saudi Health & Beauty
03.Dec - 05.Dec, 2017
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Saudi Health & Beauty
Int'l Health and Beauty Exhibition
20171208 December December CBH Expo
08.Dec - 10.Dec, 2017
Casablanca, Morocco
CBH Expo
Int'l Cosmetic, Beauty, Hair, Home Care and Hygiene Exhibition
20171208 December December Beauty Connect Expo Myanmar
08.Dec - 10.Dec, 2017
Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)
Beauty Connect Expo Myanmar
Beauty Industry Event
20180313 March March Estet Beauty Expo
13.Mar - 15.Mar, 2018
Kiev, Ukraine
Estet Beauty Expo
Professional Congress For Beauty Industry