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date title
20170707 July July BTF Coimbatore
07.Jul - 09.Jul, 2017, Coimbatore, India
BTF Coimbatore
Bakers Technology Fair Coimbatore
20170712 July July ProPak China
12.Jul - 14.Jul, 2017, Shanghai, China
ProPak China
Int'l Processing, Packaging, and End-Line Printing Exhibition
20170712 July July China BevTek
12.Jul - 14.Jul, 2017, Shanghai, China
China BevTek
Int'l Liquid Processing, Packaging, and Materials Exhibition
20170713 July July Nigeria AgroFood
13.Jul - 15.Jul, 2017, Lagos, Nigeria
Nigeria AgroFood
Int'l Food and Agriculture Technologies Exhibition
20170801 August August iftech Pakistan
01.Aug - 03.Aug, 2017, Karachi, Pakistan
iftech Pakistan
Int'l Food & Technology Exhibition
20170801 August August iftech Pakistan
01.Aug - 03.Aug, 2017, Karachi, Pakistan
iftech Pakistan
Int'l Food & Technology Exhibition
20170802 August August Wofex
02.Aug - 05.Aug, 2017, Manila, Philippines
World Food Expo
20170803 August August CartonTech
03.Aug - 06.Aug, 2017, New Delhi, India
Machinery, Materials and Services for Food, Pharma and Packaging Industry
20170803 August August PackPlus
03.Aug - 06.Aug, 2017, New Delhi, India
The Total Packaging, Processing and Supply Chain Event
20170804 August August Pro Food Pro Pack
04.Aug - 06.Aug, 2017, Colombo , Sri Lanka
Pro Food Pro Pack
Int'l Processed Food, Beverage and Packaging Exhibition
20170809 August August Vietfood & Pro+Pack
09.Aug - 12.Aug, 2017, Hochiminh City, Viet Nam
Vietfood & Pro+Pack
Int'l Exhibition on Food & Beverage Food Processing, Packaging Technology
20170821 August August ANUTEC - International FoodTec India
21.Aug - 23.Aug, 2017, New Delhi, India
ANUTEC - International FoodTec India
Int'l Exhibition an Conference for Food Processing and Packaging, Ingredients, Beverages, Cooling and Refrigeration
20170821 August August Dairy Universe India
21.Aug - 23.Aug, 2017, New Delhi, India
Dairy Universe India
Int'l Exhibibition for the Dairy Industry Showcasting all Steps of the Product Life Cycle
20170822 August August Agrorus
22.Aug - 25.Aug, 2017, St. Petersburg, Russia
Agrorus / Агрорусь
Int'l Agricultural Exhibition and Trade-Fair
20170824 August August Drinks
24.Aug - 26.Aug, 2017, Sochi, Russia
Drinks / Напитки
Int'l Exhibition of Drinks
20170906 September September FoodWeek Uzbekistan
06.Sep - 08.Sep, 2017, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
FoodWeek Uzbekistan
Int'l Exhibition of Food and Drinks, Food Processing, Packaging and Agricultural Technologies
20170907 September September Foodpro
07.Sep - 09.Sep, 2017, Chennai, India
Food Processing and Food Technology Fair
20170907 September September Agromalim
07.Sep - 10.Sep, 2017, Arad, Romania
Int'l Fair for Agriculture and Foodstuff Industry, Equipment for the Food and Packaging Industry
20170907 September September ColdChain Eurasia
07.Sep - 10.Sep, 2017, Istanbul, Turkey
ColdChain Eurasia
Cold Chain Expo Eurasia
20170907 September September WorldFood Istanbul
07.Sep - 10.Sep, 2017, Istanbul, Turkey
WorldFood Istanbul
Int'l Food Products and Processing Technologies Exhibition
20170911 September September drinktec
11.Sep - 15.Sep, 2017, Munich, Germany
World's Leading Trade Fair for the Beverage and Liquid Food Industry
20170912 September September oils+fats
12.Sep - 14.Sep, 2017, Munich, Germany
Int'l Trade Fair for the Technology and Trade of Oils and Fats
20170912 September September Upakovka
12.Sep - 14.Sep, 2017, Kiev, Ukraine
Int'l specialized Trade Fair of equipment and materials for packing
20170912 September September Inprodmash
12.Sep - 14.Sep, 2017, Kiev, Ukraine
Specialized Exhibition for Food Processing and Packaging
20170913 September September Food and Drink Industry
13.Sep - 14.Sep, 2017, Tampere, Finland
Food and Drink Industry
Trade fair for food and drink industry
20170913 September September Fruveg Expo Balkan
13.Sep - 15.Sep, 2017, Belgrade, Serbia
Fruveg Expo Balkan
Int'l Specialized Fruit and Vegetable Processing Technology Fair
20170913 September September Packtech Expo Balkan
13.Sep - 15.Sep, 2017, Belgrade, Serbia
Packtech Expo Balkan
Machines and technical packaging equipment
20170915 September September Print Pack Kenya Trade Show
15.Sep - 17.Sep, 2017, Nairobi, Kenya
Print Pack Kenya Trade Show
Printing and Packaging Exhibition
20170918 September September Seafex
18.Sep - 20.Sep, 2017, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The First Professional Seafood Show in the Region
20170919 September September Interbev
19.Sep - 22.Sep, 2017, Chicago, USA
Int'l Beverage Industry Exhibition and Congress
20170919 September September Process Expo
19.Sep - 22.Sep, 2017, Chicago, USA
Process Expo
Food Equipment and Processing Show
20170920 September September FI Korea
20.Sep - 22.Sep, 2017, Seoul, Korea (South)
FI Korea
Int'l Food Technology Exhibition
20170920 September September easyFairs Empack
20.Sep - 21.Sep, 2017, Porto, Portugal
easyFairs Empack
The Future of Packaging Technology
20170920 September September O'ZBEKinPRINT-O'ZuPACK
20.Sep - 22.Sep, 2017, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Printing and packaging trade fair
20170922 September September Compack Myanmar
22.Sep - 24.Sep, 2017, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)
Compack Myanmar
Complete Packaging Expo
20170923 September September Südback
23.Sep - 26.Sep, 2017, Stuttgart, Germany
Trade fair for the bakery and confectionery trades
20170925 September September Pakfood
25.Sep - 28.Sep, 2017, Poznan, Poland
Food Industry Packaging Fair
20170925 September September Polagra-Food
25.Sep - 28.Sep, 2017, Poznan, Poland
Int'l Trade Fair for the Food Industry
20170925 September September Polagra Tech
25.Sep - 28.Sep, 2017, Poznan, Poland
Polagra Tech
Int'l trade fair of Food Processing Technologies
20170926 September September PPMA Total Show
26.Sep - 28.Sep, 2017, Birmingham, United Kingdom
PPMA Total Show
Total Processing & Packaging
20171002 October October International Conference on Food Processing & Technology
02.Oct - 04.Oct, 2017, London, United Kingdom
International Conference on Food Processing & Technology
Int'l Conference on Food Processing and Technology
20171003 October October World Dairy Expo
03.Oct - 07.Oct, 2017, Madison, USA
World Dairy Expo
Int'l Exhibition for the Dairy Cattle Industry
20171004 October October easyFairs Empack
04.Oct - 05.Oct, 2017, Stockholm, Sweden
easyFairs Empack
Packaging Trade Show
20171004 October October easyFairs Packaging Innovations
04.Oct - 05.Oct, 2017, Stockholm, Sweden
easyFairs Packaging Innovations
Sweden's largest exhibition for the packaging industry
20171007 October October Evenord
07.Oct - 08.Oct, 2017, Nuremberg, Germany
Trade Exhibition for Butchery
20171009 October October Agroprodmash
09.Oct - 13.Oct, 2017, Moscow, Russia
Agroprodmash / Агропродмаш
Int'l Trade Exhibition for Food Processing Technologies and Packaging
20171011 October October easyfairs empack Helsinki
11.Oct - 12.Oct, 2017, Helsinki, Finland
easyfairs empack Helsinki
Packaging Technology, Materials and Services
20171013 October October Interplast - Interpackprint Kenya
13.Oct - 15.Oct, 2017, Nairobi, Kenya
Interplast - Interpackprint Kenya
Int'l Trade Exhibition on Plastics and Polymers, Packaging and Converting, Printing and Paper Industries
20171024 October October Pack 2 Pack
24.Oct - 26.Oct, 2017, Cairo, Egypt
Pack 2 Pack
Int'l Exhibition for Packing and Packaging Solutions
20171024 October October Paper Middle East
24.Oct - 26.Oct, 2017, Cairo, Egypt
Paper Middle East
Int'l Exhibition for Paper, Board, Tissue, Printing and Packaging Industry
20171024 October October InnoPack
24.Oct - 26.Oct, 2017, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Innovative Pharma Packaging
20171025 October October Indagra Food
25.Oct - 29.Oct, 2017, Bucharest, Romania
Indagra Food
Int'l exhibition for food products and equipment
20171025 October October FoodTech Eurasia
25.Oct - 28.Oct, 2017, Istanbul, Turkey
FoodTech Eurasia
Food Technology and Food Safety Fair
20171025 October October Eurasia Packaging
25.Oct - 28.Oct, 2017, Istanbul, Turkey
Eurasia Packaging
Int'l Packaging Industry Fair
20171025 October October WorldFood Ukraine
25.Oct - 27.Oct, 2017, Kiev, Ukraine
WorldFood Ukraine
Int'l Specialized Exhibition for Food, Hotel & Restaurant Supply, Services, Catering, Food Processing & Packaging (Ingredients/ProdPack/Prodmash)
20171027 October October Warsaw Oil Festival
27.Oct - 28.Oct, 2017, Warsaw, Poland
Warsaw Oil Festival
Warsaw Oil Festival
20171031 October November Gulfood Manufacturing
31.Oct - 02.Nov, 2017, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Gulfood Manufacturing
The Biggest Food and Beverage Processing Event in the MEASA Region
20171101 November November KazUpack
01.Nov - 03.Nov, 2017, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Packaging, Tara, Label and Printing
20171101 November November WorldFood
01.Nov - 03.Nov, 2017, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Int'l Exhibition for Food, Drink Products and Technology
20171101 November November ColdChain Kazakhstan
01.Nov - 03.Nov, 2017, Almaty, Kazakhstan
ColdChain Kazakhstan
Int'l Cold Storage, Transportation and Cold Chain Services Exhibition
20171106 November November Halal Expo Latino Americana
06.Nov - 08.Nov, 2017, Santiago de Chile, Chile
Halal Expo Latino Americana
Int'l Conference on Halal Food Control
20171107 November November swop - Shanghai World of Packaging
07.Nov - 10.Nov, 2017, Shanghai, China
swop - Shanghai World of Packaging
Shanghai World of Packaging
20171107 November November easyFairs Empack
07.Nov - 08.Nov, 2017, Madrid, Spain
easyFairs Empack
Packaging Trade Show
20171108 November November Interfood & Drink
08.Nov - 11.Nov, 2017, Sofia, Bulgaria
Interfood & Drink
Int'l Specialized Exhibition for Food, Drinks, Packaging and Equipment
20171108 November November Pack Expo
08.Nov - 11.Nov, 2017, Bucharest, Romania
Pack Expo
Int'l Exhibition of Packaging and Production Equipment
20171108 November November InterFood Siberia
08.Nov - 10.Nov, 2017, Novosibirsk, Russia
InterFood Siberia
Int'l Exhibition of Food Stuffs and Technologies for Food Industry
20171108 November November Restaurant Food Expo
08.Nov - 10.Nov, 2017, Kiev, Ukraine
Restaurant Food Expo / Ресторан Прод Экспо
Specialized exhibition of food for HoReCa
20171111 November November F/V/F Expo
11.Nov - 13.Nov, 2017, Yantai, China
F/V/F Expo
Int'l Fruit/Vegetable/Food Exposition
20171115 November November Peterfood
15.Nov - 17.Nov, 2017, St. Petersburg, Russia
Peterfood / Петерфуд
Trade Exhibition for Food and Food Industries
20171118 November November Mefa
18.Nov - 22.Nov, 2017, Basle, Switzerland
Professional Trade Fair for Meat Processing
20171121 November November Europack-Euromanut
21.Nov - 23.Nov, 2017, Lyon, France
European Packaging and Handling Exhibition
20171122 November November UzProdExpo
22.Nov - 24.Nov, 2017, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Int'l Specialized Exhibition For Food Processing Equipment & Industry
20171130 November December Palmex Latin America
30.Nov - 01.Dec, 2017, Bogota, Colombia
Palmex Latin America
Int'l Exhibition of Palm Oil Companies, Technologies and Supporting Industries
20171203 December December MIG
03.Dec - 06.Dec, 2017, Longarone, Italy
Int'l Exhibition of Hand-Made Icecream
20171205 December December Fresh Business Expo Ukraine
05.Dec - 07.Dec, 2017, Kiev, Ukraine
Fresh Business Expo Ukraine
Int'l Exhibition for the Fresh Produce Industry in Ukraine and other CIS Countries
20171205 December December WOP World of Perishables
05.Dec - 07.Dec, 2017, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
WOP World of Perishables
Int'l Perishables Expo Middle East
20171206 December December Plast Eurasia Istanbul
06.Dec - 09.Dec, 2017, Istanbul, Turkey
Plast Eurasia Istanbul
Int'l Istanbul Plastic Industries Fair
20171213 December December Compack Kenya
13.Dec - 15.Dec, 2017, Nairobi, Kenya
Compack Kenya
Complete Packaging Expo
20171214 December December Pack Africa Exhibition
14.Dec - 16.Dec, 2017, Cairo, Egypt
Pack Africa Exhibition
Packing, Packaging, Food Processing and Bakery Industries Exhibition
20180122 January January Agfopex Nigeria
22.Jan - 24.Jan, 2018, Kano, Nigeria
Agfopex Nigeria
Agriculture, Food and Packaging Trade Fair
20180123 January January Upakovka
23.Jan - 26.Jan, 2018, Moscow, Russia
Upakovka / Упаковка
Int'l Trade Fair Packaging Machinery, Packaging Production and Packaging Material
20180203 February February Europain
03.Feb - 06.Feb, 2018, Paris, France
World Bread and Pastry Exhibition
20180218 February February Gulfood
18.Feb - 22.Feb, 2018, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Gulf Food, Hotel and Equipment Exhibition and Salon Culinaire
20180225 February February Fish International
25.Feb - 27.Feb, 2018, Bremen, Germany
Fish International
Int'l Trade Fair for Fish and Seafood: Trading Market, Processing, Logistics, Point of Sale
20180228 February March Salima
28.Feb - 03.Mar, 2018, Brno, Czech Republic
Int'l Food Fair
20180311 March March Printpack Expo
11.Mar - 13.Mar, 2018, Algier, Algeria
Printpack Expo
Int'l Printing and Packaging Technology Exhibition
20180312 March March Modern Bakery Moscow
12.Mar - 15.Mar, 2018, Moscow, Russia
Modern Bakery Moscow / Современное хлебопечение Москва
Int'l Trade Fair for Bakery and Confectionery
20180315 March March Coffee & Tea Russian Expo
15.Mar - 17.Mar, 2018, Moscow, Russia
Coffee & Tea Russian Expo
Int'l Coffee and Tea Conference and Exhibition for the Industrial Production Chain from Bean and Leaf to Cup
20180318 March March Foodexpo
18.Mar - 20.Mar, 2018, Herning, Denmark
Wholesale and Retail Grocery Trade Fair
20180320 March March Anuga FoodTec
20.Mar - 23.Mar, 2018, Cologne, Germany
Anuga FoodTec
Int'l trade fair for food and drink technology
20180416 April April Foodex
16.Apr - 18.Apr, 2018, Birmingham, United Kingdom
20180502 May May AFMASS
02.May - 04.May, 2018, Nairobi, Kenya
African Food Manufacturing and Safety Summit
20180515 May May IPACK-IMA
15.May - 18.May, 2018, Milan, Italy
Processing and Packaging
20180515 May May Dairytech
15.May - 18.May, 2018, Milan, Italy
Processing and Packaging for the Dairy Industry
20180515 May May Converflex
15.May - 18.May, 2018, Milan, Italy
Int'l Exhibition for the Paper, Tissue, Paper Converting, Package Printing Machines and Materials
20180515 May May Meat-Tech
15.May - 18.May, 2018, Milan, Italy
Processing and Packaging for the Meat Industry
20180529 May June Hispack
29.May - 01.Jun, 2018, Barcelona, Spain
Int'l Packaging Exhibition
20180605 June June Expo Pack México
05.Jun - 08.Jun, 2018, Mexico City, Mexico
Expo Pack México
Int'l Packaging Exhibition and Conference
20180825 August August Inpak
25.Aug - 30.Aug, 2018, Gornja Radgona, Slovenia
Int'l Packaging Exhibition
20180925 September September FachPack
25.Sep - 27.Sep, 2018, Nuremberg, Germany
Trade Fair for Packaging Solutions
20180930 September October Meat Expo
30.Sep - 03.Oct, 2018, Kortrijk, Belgium
Meat Expo
Trade Fair for Butchers, Caterers and Meat Industry
20181113 November November FoodTech
13.Nov - 15.Nov, 2018, Herning, Denmark
Trade Fair for Food Processing and Packaging
20181113 November November Brau Beviale
13.Nov - 15.Nov, 2018, Nuremberg, Germany
Brau Beviale
Raw Materials - Technologies - Logistics - Marketing
20181126 November November All4Pack Paris
26.Nov - 29.Nov, 2018, Paris, France
All4Pack Paris
The Global Marketplace for Packaging, Processing, Printing and Handling
20190312 March March Propak Africa
12.Mar - 15.Mar, 2019, Johannesburg, South Africa
Propak Africa
Int'l Packaging, Foodprocessing, Plastics,Labelling and Printing Exhibition
20190413 April April Sachsenback
13.Apr - 15.Apr, 2019, Dresden, Germany
Trade fair for the bakery and confectionery trades
20190504 May May IFFA
04.May - 09.May, 2019, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Technology meats Business: No. 1 for processing, packaging, selling
20191022 October October Cibus Tec
22.Oct - 25.Oct, 2019, Parma, Italy
Cibus Tec
Technologies and Solutions for the Food Industry