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20170626 June June Laser World of Photonics
26.Jun - 29.Jun, 2017
Munich, Germany
Laser World of Photonics
Int'l Trade Fair and Congress for Optical Technologies
20170628 June June Bio tech
28.Jun - 30.Jun, 2017
Tokyo, Japan
Bio tech
Asia's largest drug discovery and life science event
20170806 August August Microscopy & Microanalysis
06.Aug - 10.Aug, 2017
St. Louis, USA
Microscopy & Microanalysis
Microscopy and Microanalysis
20170906 September September CIOE
06.Sep - 09.Sep, 2017
Shenzhen, China
China Int'l Optoelectronics Exposition
20170906 September September Jasis
06.Sep - 08.Sep, 2017
Chiba/Tokyo, Japan
Japan's Exposition of Analytical Instruments and Solutions
20170912 September September Espace Laser
12.Sep - 14.Sep, 2017
Strasbourg, France
Espace Laser
Int'l trade fair for materials and laser techniques in industry
20170912 September September MipTec
12.Sep - 14.Sep, 2017
Basle, Switzerland
The Leading European Event for Drug Discovery
20170917 September September ECOC
17.Sep - 21.Sep, 2017
Gothenburg, Sweden
European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communication
20170924 September September SEG
24.Sep - 29.Sep, 2017
Houston, USA
Society of Exploration Geophysicists Annual Int'l Meeting & Exposition
20170926 September September Miconex
26.Sep - 29.Sep, 2017
Beijing, China
Int'l Fair for Measurement, Instrumentation & Automation
20171001 October October BioSüd
01.Oct - 01.Oct, 2017
Augsburg, Germany
Trade Fair for Biotechnologies
20171005 October October Asia Labex
05.Oct - 07.Oct, 2017
Ahmedabad, India
Asia Labex
Int'l Exhibition and Conference on Analytical, Research, Diagnostic, Laboratory Instruments and Consumables
20171010 October October AtomExpo Belarus
10.Oct - 13.Oct, 2017
Minsk, Belarus
AtomExpo Belarus
Int'l Specialized Exhibition
20171011 October October Ilope
11.Oct - 13.Oct, 2017
Beijing, China
Int'l Lasers, Optoelectronics and Photonics Exhibition
20171011 October October BioJapan
11.Oct - 13.Oct, 2017
Yokohama, Japan
World Business Forum on Biotechnologies
20171011 October October Bioindustry
11.Oct - 13.Oct, 2017
St. Petersburg, Russia
Bioindustry / Биоиндустрия
Int'l exhibition and conference of innovative approaches for reproduction, functioning and expedient evolution of living organisms and its environment
20171011 October October Photonex
11.Oct - 12.Oct, 2017
Coventry, United Kingdom
Photonics and Light Technologies
20171017 October October Complex Support of Laboratories
17.Oct - 19.Oct, 2017
Kiev, Ukraine
Complex Support of Laboratories
International Forum "Complex Support of Laboratories"
20171106 November November CIOAE
06.Nov - 07.Nov, 2017
Beijing, China
Int'l Forum for China Online Analytical Application and Development Expo
20171106 November November Bio-Europe
06.Nov - 08.Nov, 2017
Berlin, Germany
Biotechnology Conference and Exhibition
20171109 November November World Congress and Expo on Applied Microbiology
09.Nov - 10.Nov, 2017
Madrid, Spain
World Congress and Expo on Applied Microbiology
World Congress and Expo on Applied Microbiology
20171214 December December Nepal Lab Expo
14.Dec - 16.Dec, 2017
Kathmandu, Nepal
Nepal Lab Expo
Int'l Exhibition and Conference on Laboratory, Analytical, Biotech and Scientific Instruments and Technology
20180227 February March Photonics
27.Feb - 02.Mar, 2018
Moscow, Russia
Photonics / Фотоника
Int'l Specialized Exhibition for Laser, Optical and Optoelectronic Technologies
20180410 April April Analytica
10.Apr - 13.Apr, 2018
Munich, Germany
Int'l Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis, Biotechnologie and Analitica Conference
20180424 April April BioMedica
24.Apr - 25.Apr, 2018
Dublin, Ireland
Scientific and Professional Standards in Laboratory Medicine
20180515 May May Optatec
15.May - 17.May, 2018
Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Int'l Trade Fair for Future Optical Technologies, Components, Systems and Manufacturing
20180605 June June Lasys
05.Jun - 07.Jun, 2018
Stuttgart, Germany
Int'l trade fair for systems solutions in laser material processing
20181031 October November Analytica China
31.Oct - 02.Nov, 2018
Shanghai, China
Analytica China
Int'l Trade Fair for Analysis, Biotechnology, Diagnostics and Laboratory Technology
20190924 September September Ilmac
24.Sep - 27.Sep, 2019
Basle, Switzerland
Industry Exhibition for Research and Developement,and Environmental and Process Technology in Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and Biotechnology