Featured events

20.Jan - 29.Jan, 2017, Berlin
International Green Week Berlin / Internationale Grüne Woche Berlin
The world's biggest fair for food, agriculture and horticulture
22.May - 26.May, 2017, Hanover
Ligna Hannover
World Fair for the Forestry and Wood Industries

Upcoming Trade Fairs

25.Jan - 28.Jan, 2017
Budapest, Hungary
Viticulture & Viniculture / Szőlészet és Pincészet
Wine-growing and wineries
25.Jan - 28.Jan, 2017
Budapest, Hungary
Agro + Mashexpo
Int'l Agriculture and Agricultural Machinery Exhibition
28.Jan - 31.Jan, 2017
Orlando, USA
Vegetable & Flower Seed Conference
ASTA's Vegetable and Flower Seed Conference
31.Jan - 02.Feb, 2017
Atlanta, USA
Int'l Poultry Expo and Int'l Feed Expo
02.Feb - 05.Feb, 2017
Thessaloniki, Greece
Int'l Fair for Livestock and Poultry
07.Feb - 09.Feb, 2017
Moscow, Russia
AgroFarm / АгроФерма
Int'l Exhibition for Animal Husbandry and Breeding

Currently running

20.Jan - 29.Jan, 2017
Berlin, Germany
International Green Week Berlin