Health and Medicine Industry Trade Fairs in Europe

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date title
20160211 February February De Nationale Gezondheids Beurs
11.Feb - 14.Feb, 2016
Utrecht, Netherlands
De Nationale Gezondheids Beurs
Health Fair
20160224 February February Pharm Connect Congress
24.Feb - 25.Feb, 2016
Budapest, Hungary
Pharm Connect Congress
Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Business Summit
20160225 February February T.M.A.
25.Feb - 28.Feb, 2016
Bucharest, Romania
Alternative Medicine Fair
20160226 February February Wellness days
26.Feb - 28.Feb, 2016
Kaunas, Lithuania
Wellness days / Sveikatos dienos
Exhibition on medicine, healthy lifestyle and health maintenance
20160304 March March aktiv + vital
04.Mar - 06.Mar, 2016
Dresden, Germany
aktiv + vital
Fair for Health and Wellness
20160308 March March Altenpflege
08.Mar - 10.Mar, 2016
Hanover, Germany
Leading Trade Fair for the Care Sector
20160308 March March Infarma
08.Mar - 10.Mar, 2016
Madrid, Spain
European Congress of Pharmacy
20160310 March March Non-Handicap
10.Mar - 11.Mar, 2016
Prague, Czech Republic
Specialized Exhibition for Handicapped People
20160310 March March Pragomedica
10.Mar - 11.Mar, 2016
Prague, Czech Republic
Int'l medical fair
20160310 March March Finnish Nursing Exhibition
10.Mar - 11.Mar, 2016
Helsinki, Finland
Finnish Nursing Exhibition / Sairaanhoitajapäivät Näyttely
Finland's largest training event and exhibition for nurses
20160310 March March Krakdent
10.Mar - 12.Mar, 2016
Cracow, Poland
Int'l Dental Trade Fair in Krakow
20160310 March March Yenisaymedica
10.Mar - 12.Mar, 2016
Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Yenisaymedica / Енисеймедика
Medical and Healthcare Exhibition
20160310 March March Expodental
10.Mar - 12.Mar, 2016
Madrid, Spain
Dental Supplies, Services and Equipment Show
20160311 March March Altermed Fair
11.Mar - 13.Mar, 2016
Celje, Slovenia
Altermed Fair
Fair of Healthy Living, Alternative and Herbal Medicine, Natural Cosmetics and Environment Friendly Dwelling
20160316 March March Siberian Dental Forum
16.Mar - 18.Mar, 2016
20160318 March March Interpharm
18.Mar - 19.Mar, 2016
Berlin, Germany
Pharmaceutical Exhibition with Congress
20160318 March March Health and Ecology
18.Mar - 20.Mar, 2016
Klaipeda, Lithuania
Health and Ecology / Sveikata ir ekologija
Public Wellness, Healthy Lifestyle and Modern Thinking Exhibition
20160318 March March Moscow Medshow
18.Mar - 19.Mar, 2016
Moscow, Russia
Moscow Medshow / Лечение за рубежом
Overseas Medical Treatment and Wellness
20160322 March March BelarusMedica
22.Mar - 25.Mar, 2016
Minsk, Belarus
Int'l Specialized Exhibition and Conference on Medical and Laboratory Equipment, Pharmaceutics and Ophthalmology
20160323 March March InterMed
23.Mar - 26.Mar, 2016
Moscow, Russia
Int'l Exhibition of Medical Treatment Abroad
20160324 March March Expomed
24.Mar - 27.Mar, 2016
Istanbul, Turkey
Int'l Istanbul Medical Analysis, Diagnosis, Health Care, Hospital Supplies and Rehabilitation Aids Fair
20160330 March April IPhEB & CPhI Russia
30.Mar - 01.Apr, 2016
Moscow, Russia
IPhEB & CPhI Russia
Int'l Exhibition for Medical and Pharmaceutical Equipment and Technologies
20160402 April April PharmagoraPlus
02.Apr - 03.Apr, 2016
Paris, France
Exhibition for Pharmacists
20160405 April April Zorg & ICT
05.Apr - 07.Apr, 2016
Utrecht, Netherlands
Zorg & ICT
IT Solutions and Service in the Healthcare Sector
20160405 April April The Ural Week of Health
05.Apr - 07.Apr, 2016
Ekaterinburg, Russia
The Ural Week of Health / Уральская неделя здоровья
Medicine and Health Exhibition
20160405 April April Vitalis
05.Apr - 07.Apr, 2016
Gothenburg, Sweden
Exhibition and Conference on IT Solutions for the Health, Care and Welfare Sectors
20160406 April April DIA EuroMeeting
06.Apr - 08.Apr, 2016
Hamburg, Germany
DIA EuroMeeting
EuroMeeting and Exhibition of the Drug Information Association
20160406 April April Med-e-Tel
06.Apr - 08.Apr, 2016
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Telemedicine and eHealth
20160406 April April Health Life Style
06.Apr - 09.Apr, 2016
Trencin, Slovakia
Health Life Style
Health Progarmme, Relax and Sanity Fair
20160407 April April Fibo
07.Apr - 10.Apr, 2016
Cologne, Germany
The Leading Int'l Trade Show for Fitness, Wellness and Health
20160407 April April Elmia Senior Citizens
07.Apr - 08.Apr, 2016
Joenkoeping, Sweden
Elmia Senior Citizens / Elmia Äldre
Exhibition and Conference
20160407 April April IDEX
07.Apr - 10.Apr, 2016
Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul Oral-Dental Health Apparatus and Equipment Exhibition
20160412 April April Medtec Europe
12.Apr - 14.Apr, 2016
Stuttgart, Germany
Medtec Europe
Int'l Exhibition for European Medical Device Manufacturers
20160412 April April Salmed
12.Apr - 14.Apr, 2016
Poznan, Poland
Int'l Trade Fair of Medical Equipment
20160412 April April Corporate Health Convention
12.Apr - 13.Apr, 2016
Zurich, Switzerland
Corporate Health Convention
European Trade Fair for Corporate Health Management and Demography
20160413 April April Pharmintech
13.Apr - 15.Apr, 2016
Bologna, Italy
Exhibition for the Pharmaceutical, Personal Care and Nutraceutical Industry
20160413 April April Dental Fair
13.Apr - 15.Apr, 2016
Lwów, Ukraine
Dental Fair / Стоматологічний ярмарок
Specialized Dental Fair
20160413 April April GalMed: Health and Longevity
13.Apr - 15.Apr, 2016
20160415 April April Cosmofarma
15.Apr - 17.Apr, 2016
Bologna, Italy
Int'l Exhibition of Products and Services for Health, Wellness and Beauty offered in Pharmacies
20160417 April April Natural & Organic Products Europe
17.Apr - 18.Apr, 2016
London, United Kingdom
Natural & Organic Products Europe
The Essential Event for the Natural and Organic Industry
20160418 April April Dental Salon
18.Apr - 21.Apr, 2016
Moscow, Russia
Dental Salon / Стоматологический Салон
Int'l Dental Exhibition and RDA Scientific and Practical Conference
20160419 April April conhIT
19.Apr - 21.Apr, 2016
Berlin, Germany
Connecting Healthcare IT
20160419 April April Powtech
19.Apr - 21.Apr, 2016
Nuremberg, Germany
Mechanical Processing Technologies and Instrumentation
20160419 April April IMF
19.Apr - 21.Apr, 2016
Kiev, Ukraine
Int'l Medical Forum
20160419 April April Healthcare Travel Expo
19.Apr - 21.Apr, 2016
Kiev, Ukraine
Healthcare Travel Expo
Int'l Exhibition of Medical Tourism, SPA and Wellness
20160419 April April UK e-Health Week
19.Apr - 20.Apr, 2016
London, United Kingdom
UK e-Health Week
Healthcare Informatics Expo
20160421 April April Rehmed-Plus
21.Apr - 22.Apr, 2016
Kielce, Poland
Fair of Rehabilitation & Medical Equipment
20160421 April April Wan Expo
21.Apr - 24.Apr, 2016
Moscow, Russia
Wan Expo
World Around Newmother
20160421 April April Mednat Expo
21.Apr - 24.Apr, 2016
Lausanne, Switzerland
Mednat Expo
Naturopathy and Ecological Agriculture
20160422 April April Expo EcoSalud
22.Apr - 24.Apr, 2016
Madrid, Spain
Expo EcoSalud
Health and Quality of Life Natural, Ecological and Dietetic Products Exhibition
20160422 April April The Dentistry Show
22.Apr - 23.Apr, 2016
Birmingham, United Kingdom
The Dentistry Show
The Dentistry Show
20160426 April April Making Pharmaceuticals
26.Apr - 27.Apr, 2016
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Making Pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Exhibition
20160427 April April Integration.Life.Society.
27.Apr - 29.Apr, 2016
Moscow, Russia
Integration.Life.Society. / Интеграция. Жизнь. Общество.
Int'l Trade and Event Fair with Congress
20160427 April April Naidex
27.Apr - 28.Apr, 2016
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Event for Disability Homecare and Rehabilitation
20160428 April April Scandefa
28.Apr - 29.Apr, 2016
Copenhagen, Denmark
Dental Fair
20160503 May May OTWorld
03.May - 06.May, 2016
Leipzig, Germany
Int'l Trade Show and World Congress for Prosthetics, Orthotics, Orthopaedic Footwear Technology, Compression Therapy and Rehabilitation Technology
20160510 May May Health & Rehab
10.May - 12.May, 2016
Copenhagen, Denmark
Health & Rehab
Exhibition for Disabled People
20160510 May May VitaFoods
10.May - 12.May, 2016
Geneva, Switzerland
Int'l Exhibition and Congress for the Nutraceutical, Cosmeceutical and Functional Food Ingredients Industry
20160517 May May Bulmedica / Buldental
17.May - 19.May, 2016
Sofia, Bulgaria
Bulmedica / Buldental / Булмедика / Булдентал
Int'l Specialized Exhibition on Medical Equipment, Pharmaceutics, Laboratory Equipment, Ophthalmology and Dental Medicine
20160517 May May Medsib
17.May - 19.May, 2016
Novosibirsk, Russia
Medsib / Медсиб
Int'l specialized medical exhibition
20160518 May May Exposanita
18.May - 21.May, 2016
Bologna, Italy
Int'l Health Care Exhibition
20160519 May May Dentex
19.May - 21.May, 2016
Zagreb, Croatia
Int'l Dental Medicine Fair
20160519 May May Expodental Meeting
19.May - 21.May, 2016
Rimini, Italy
Expodental Meeting
Int'l Exhibition on Equipment and Materials for Dentists and Dental Laboratories
20160524 May May Medicina+
24.May - 26.May, 2016
Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Medicina+ / Медицина+
Int'l Healthcare Exhibition
20160525 May May Medima
25.May - 27.May, 2016
Krasnodar, Russia
Medima / Медима
Specialized Exhibition of Medical Equipment
20160525 May May Dentima
25.May - 27.May, 2016
Krasnodar, Russia
Dentima / Дентима
Dental equipment, instruments and materials
20160526 May May InDent
26.May - 28.May, 2016
Brno, Czech Republic
Dental Exhibition & Conference
20160526 May May Denta
26.May - 28.May, 2016
Bucharest, Romania
Int'l exhibition of equipment, instruments, accesories, materials for dentistry chemical-pharmaceutical products
20160526 May May Rommedica
26.May - 28.May, 2016
Bucharest, Romania
Int'l Exhibition of Medical Equipment and Instruments
20160526 May May BDA British Dental Conference & Exhibition
26.May - 28.May, 2016
Manchester, United Kingdom
BDA British Dental Conference & Exhibition
BDA British Dental Conference & Exhibition
20160531 May June Stomatology St.Petersburg
31.May - 02.Jun, 2016
St. Petersburg, Russia
Stomatology St.Petersburg / Стоматология
Int'l Exhibition of Equipment, Instruments, Materials and Services for Dentistry
20160601 June June CPhI Istanbul
01.Jun - 03.Jun, 2016
Istanbul, Turkey
CPhI Istanbul
Int'l Exhibition and Conference on Pharmaceutical Ingredients
20160602 June June RiminiWellness
02.Jun - 05.Jun, 2016
Rimini, Italy
Fitness, Wellness & Sport on Stage
20160617 June June IRMA
17.Jun - 19.Jun, 2016
Hamburg, Germany
Int'l Rehabilitation and Mobility Trade Fair for Everybody
20160903 September September Over 50 Show
03.Sep - 04.Sep, 2016
Galway, Ireland
Over 50 Show
Ireland's Lifestyle Event for Older People
20160907 September September MoldMedizin & MoldDent
07.Sep - 10.Sep, 2016
Chisinau, Moldova
MoldMedizin & MoldDent
Int'l Specialized Exhibition for Medical, Laboratory and Dental Techology, Pharmaceuticals, Ophthalmology and Hospital Equipment
20160922 September September Medbaltica
22.Sep - 24.Sep, 2016
Riga, Latvia
National Specialized Exhibition for Medicine
20160923 September September Fachdental Leipzig
23.Sep - 24.Sep, 2016
Leipzig, Germany
Fachdental Leipzig
Show for dental surgeries and laboratories
20160925 September September The Pharmacy Show
25.Sep - 26.Sep, 2016
Birmingham, United Kingdom
The Pharmacy Show
The Pharmacy Show
20160926 September September Dental-Expo
26.Sep - 29.Sep, 2016
Moscow, Russia
Dental-Expo and Congress
20160927 September September Medicine and Health
27.Sep - 29.Sep, 2016
Minsk, Belarus
Medicine and Health
Int'l Exhibition of Electro-Medical Equipment and Medical Engineering
20160927 September September Mother and Child
27.Sep - 30.Sep, 2016
Moscow, Russia
Mother and Child / Мать и дитя
Int'l Annual specialised Medical Exhibition, Covering all Aspects of Pregnancy, Neomatology, Mothers and Child's Healthcare
20160928 September October Rehacare International
28.Sep - 01.Oct, 2016
Dusseldorf, Germany
Rehacare International
Int'l Trade Fair and Congress. Rehabilitation - Prevention - Integration - Care
20160930 September October Natural Medicine, Health and Beauty
30.Sep - 02.Oct, 2016
Cracow, Poland
Natural Medicine, Health and Beauty / Targi Medycyny Naturalnej, Zdrowia i Urody
Fair of Natural Medicine, Health and Beauty
20161004 October October WIHE - Hospital
04.Oct - 06.Oct, 2016
Warsaw, Poland
WIHE - Hospital
Warsaw Int'l Healthcare Exhibition
20161004 October October Siberian Health Care. Dentistry
04.Oct - 07.Oct, 2016
Irkutsk, Russia
Siberian Health Care. Dentistry / Сибздравоохранение. Стоматология
Exhibition of medical and dental equipment, technologies, pharmaceuticals
20161004 October October P-MEC
04.Oct - 06.Oct, 2016
Barcelona, Spain
Pharma Machinery, Equipment and Technology
20161004 October October iCSE
04.Oct - 06.Oct, 2016
Barcelona, Spain
Int'l Contract Services Expo Bringing Outsourcing to CPhI
20161004 October October CPhI worldwide
04.Oct - 06.Oct, 2016
Barcelona, Spain
CPhI worldwide
Int'l Exhibition and Conference on Pharmaceutical Ingredients
20161004 October October InnoPack
04.Oct - 06.Oct, 2016
Barcelona, Spain
Innovative Pharma Packaging
20161004 October October Public Health
04.Oct - 06.Oct, 2016
Kiev, Ukraine
Public Health
Int'l Specialized Exhibition and Conference on Medical and Laboratory Equipment, Pharmaceutics, Dental Medicine and Ophthalmology
20161006 October October Dentex
06.Oct - 08.Oct, 2016
Brussels, Belgium
Int'l Dental Exhibition
20161006 October October Pragodent
06.Oct - 08.Oct, 2016
Prague, Czech Republic
Int'l Dental Apparatus, Instruments,Surgery Equipment and Service Fair
20161006 October October Medident
06.Oct - 08.Oct, 2016
Belgrade, Serbia
Int'l exhibition of medical, laboratory, dental, veterinary equipment and instruments, pharmaceutical and other equipment and medical services
20161006 October October Non Handicap
06.Oct - 08.Oct, 2016
Bratislava, Slovakia
Non Handicap
Specialised Exhibition for Handicapped People
20161006 October October Biostyl
06.Oct - 08.Oct, 2016
Bratislava, Slovakia
Fair of Healthy Nutrion, Ecology and Healthy Lifestyle
20161006 October October Esoterika
06.Oct - 08.Oct, 2016
Bratislava, Slovakia
Educational and Entertainment Fair
20161006 October October Slovak Dental Days
06.Oct - 07.Oct, 2016
Bratislava, Slovakia
Slovak Dental Days
Int'l Specialised Exhibition on Dental and Dentotechnical Devices,Tools and Materials
20161006 October October Slovmedica
06.Oct - 08.Oct, 2016
Bratislava, Slovakia
Int'l Medical Fair
20161012 October October Expopharm
12.Oct - 15.Oct, 2016
Munich, Germany
Int'l Pharmaceutical Trade Fair
20161012 October October Health Industry. Kazan
12.Oct - 14.Oct, 2016
20161012 October October Health&Medical Tourism
12.Oct - 14.Oct, 2016
St. Petersburg, Russia
Health&Medical Tourism
Exhibition of Modern Products and Services in the Field of Healthcare Tourism
20161012 October October Aesthetic Medicine
12.Oct - 14.Oct, 2016
St. Petersburg, Russia
Aesthetic Medicine
Int'l Exhibition of Products and Services for Aesthetic and Cosmetic Medicine
20161012 October October Pharma
12.Oct - 14.Oct, 2016
St. Petersburg, Russia
Pharma / Фарма
Exhibition of Drugs, Food and Dietary Supplements and Equipment and Components for Pharmaceutical Production
20161013 October October Mystic
13.Oct - 16.Oct, 2016
Zagreb, Croatia
Int'l Fair of Alternative & Healthy Lifestyle and Border Areas of Science
20161017 October October Health Sector Jobs Expo
17.Oct - 17.Oct, 2016
Lisbon, Portugal
Health Sector Jobs Expo
Career Fair Bringing Together Employers from the UK and Ireland
20161018 October October Pharmtechexpo
18.Oct - 20.Oct, 2016
Kiev, Ukraine
Int'l Exhibition of Pharmaceutical Industry
20161019 October October BelarusDent
19.Oct - 21.Oct, 2016
Minsk, Belarus
Int'l Dental Trade for and Conference
20161019 October October Congress Medical Summit Brno
19.Oct - 22.Oct, 2016
Brno, Czech Republic
Congress Medical Summit Brno
Congress Medical Fair
20161019 October October Rehaprotex
19.Oct - 22.Oct, 2016
Brno, Czech Republic
Int'l Fair for Rehabilitation and Healthcare
20161020 October October Medicus, Dento, Galenia
20.Oct - 22.Oct, 2016
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Medicus, Dento, Galenia / Медикус, Денто, Галения
Int'l Exhibition of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmaceutics and Balneology
20161020 October October Medikos
20.Oct - 22.Oct, 2016
Prishtine, Kosovo
Medical and Pharmaceutical Fair
20161020 October October Denta
20.Oct - 22.Oct, 2016
Bucharest, Romania
Int'l exhibition of equipment, instruments, accesories, materials for dentistry chemical-pharmaceutical products
20161021 October October Health
21.Oct - 23.Oct, 2016
Helsinki, Finland
Health / Terveys
Health & Wellness
20161021 October October Over 50 Show
21.Oct - 23.Oct, 2016
Dublin, Ireland
Over 50 Show
Ireland's Lifestyle Event for Older People
20161025 October October Dental-Expo St.Petersburg
25.Oct - 27.Oct, 2016
St. Petersburg, Russia
Dental-Expo St.Petersburg / Дентал-Экспо Санкт-Петербург
Int'l Exhibition of Equipment, Instruments, Materials and Services for Dentistry
20161025 October October IFAS
25.Oct - 28.Oct, 2016
Zurich, Switzerland
Int'l Trade Fair for Medical and Hospital Equipment and Supplies
20161101 November November FoodTech
01.Nov - 03.Nov, 2016
Herning, Denmark
Trade Fair for Food Processing and Packaging
20161103 November November Ar-Medica
03.Nov - 05.Nov, 2016
Arad, Romania
Medicine Fair, Medical Equipment, Dental, Farmacy, Optics, Prothetics,Related Services
20161110 November November Dental-Expo. Samara
10.Nov - 12.Nov, 2016
20161110 November November Orto Medical Care
10.Nov - 12.Nov, 2016
Madrid, Spain
Orto Medical Care
Trade Fair for the Orthopaedics, Technical Aids, Professional Services for the Elderly and Hospital Medical Equipments
20161111 November November gesund.leben
11.Nov - 13.Nov, 2016
Essen, Germany
Health Exhibition for the Ruhr Metropolis
20161114 November November Compamed
14.Nov - 17.Nov, 2016
Dusseldorf, Germany
High Tech Solutions for Medical Technology
20161114 November November Medica
14.Nov - 17.Nov, 2016
Dusseldorf, Germany
Intern'l Trade Fair with Congress
20161116 November November Medicine & Health
16.Nov - 19.Nov, 2016
Perm, Russia
Medicine & Health / Медицина и здоровье
Int'l Exhibition of hospital, lab, surgeon and rehabilitation equipment and pharmaceuticals
20161116 November November Swedental
16.Nov - 18.Nov, 2016
Stockholm, Sweden
The leading forum trade fair in Scandinavia for the dental industry
20161122 November November PharmTech
22.Nov - 25.Nov, 2016
Moscow, Russia
PharmTech / Фармтех
Int'l Trade Fair of Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Manufacturing
20161124 November November Finnish Dental Congress & Exhibition
24.Nov - 26.Nov, 2016
Helsinki, Finland
Finnish Dental Congress & Exhibition / Hammaslääkäripäivät
Finnish Dental Congress & Exhibition
20161125 November November Allt for Hälsan
25.Nov - 27.Nov, 2016
Stockholm, Sweden
Allt for Hälsan
Health, Wellness & Fitness Exhibition
20161205 December December Apteka
05.Dec - 08.Dec, 2016
Moscow, Russia
Apteka / Аптека
Int'l Trade Fair for Pharmaceuticals and Related Products
20161205 December December Healthy Life-style
05.Dec - 09.Dec, 2016
20161205 December December Zdravookhraneniye
05.Dec - 09.Dec, 2016
Moscow, Russia
Zdravookhraneniye / Здравоохранение
Int'l Trade Fair for Healthcare, Medical Engineering and Pharmaceuticals
20170309 March March Soins & Santé
09.Mar - 10.Mar, 2017
Namur, Belgium
Soins & Santé
Care and Health Exhibition
20170315 March March Zorgtotaal
15.Mar - 17.Mar, 2017
Utrecht, Netherlands
Health Care Exhibition
20170316 March March Therapie Leipzig
16.Mar - 18.Mar, 2017
Leipzig, Germany
Therapie Leipzig
Trade Fair and Congress for Therapy, Medical Rehabilitation and Prevention
20170321 March March IDS
21.Mar - 25.Mar, 2017
Cologne, Germany
Int'l Dental Show
20170420 April April Reva
20.Apr - 22.Apr, 2017
Ghent, Belgium
Information Fair for People with Disabilities
20170511 May May Recare
11.May - 12.May, 2017
Klagenfurt, Austria
Exhibition for Therapy, Integration and Healthcare
20170919 September September Swiss Medtech Expo
19.Sep - 20.Sep, 2017
Lucerne, Switzerland
Swiss Medtech Expo
Medical Technology Products
20171109 November November Assistive Technology
09.Nov - 11.Nov, 2017
Tampere, Finland
Assistive Technology / Apuväline
Assistive Technology