Upcoming Trade Fairs

22.Mar - 24.Mar, 2018 / Kaunas, Lithuania
Ką pasėsi...
Int'l Agricultural Exhibition
23.Mar - 25.Mar, 2018 / Klaipeda, Lithuania
Wellness / Sveikata
Public Wellness, Healthy Lifestyle and Modern Thinking Exhibition
23.Mar - 25.Mar, 2018 / Vilnius, Lithuania
HHS Hunting Horn Show
Int'l Hunting, Fishing And Outdoor Leisure Exhibition
05.Apr - 08.Apr, 2018 / Kaunas, Lithuania
Home world / Namų pasaulis
Specialized exhibition of building materials, decoration, interior, furniture
06.Apr - 08.Apr, 2018 / Vilnius, Lithuania
Cinderella / Pelenė
Int'l Exhibition of Beauty Industry: cosmetics, equipment for beauty and hairdressing salons, SPA services, fashionable accessories
12.Apr - 15.Apr, 2018 / Klaipeda, Lithuania
Energy / Energetika
Int'l Energy Exhibition

Currently running

22.Feb - 25.Feb, 2018
Vilnius, Lithuania
Vilnius Book Fair
23.Feb - 25.Feb, 2018
Kaunas, Lithuania
Wellness days

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