Trade Fairs in Vicenza, Italy

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date title
20170923 September September Palakiss
23.Sep - 27.Sep, 2017, Vicenza, Italy
Jewelry Trade and Delivery Show
20170923 September September VicenzaOro Fall
23.Sep - 27.Sep, 2017, Vicenza, Italy
VicenzaOro Fall
Int'l Exhibition for Gold, Jewellery and Silverware
20171111 November November Cosmofood
11.Nov - 14.Nov, 2017, Vicenza, Italy
Food, Beverage, Professional Equipment, Organic and Vegan Products
20180119 January January VicenzaOro Winter
19.Jan - 24.Jan, 2018, Vicenza, Italy
VicenzaOro Winter
Int'l Exhibition of Gold, Jewellery, Silverware and Watches
20180224 February February Pescare
24.Feb - 26.Feb, 2018, Vicenza, Italy
Fly Fishing and Spinning Show