Trade Fairs in Bolzano, Italy

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date title
20170126 January January Klimahouse
26.Jan - 29.Jan, 2017
Bolzano, Italy
Trade Fair and Congress for Energy Efficiently and Sustained Building
20170323 March March Klimaenergy
23.Mar - 24.Mar, 2017
Bolzano, Italy
Trade Fair for renewable Energies
20170419 April April Prowinter
19.Apr - 21.Apr, 2017
Bolzano, Italy
Int'l Trade Show for Rentals and Services for Winter Sports
20170428 April May Tempo Libero / Freizeit
28.Apr - 01.May, 2017
Bolzano, Italy
Tempo Libero / Freizeit
Sports, Hobby, Auto, Vacation
20171016 October October Hotel
16.Oct - 19.Oct, 2017
Bolzano, Italy
Int'l Trade Fair for Hotel and Restaurant Industry
20171109 November November Fiera Internazionale d'Autunno
09.Nov - 12.Nov, 2017
Bolzano, Italy
Fiera Internazionale d'Autunno
Int'l Autumn Trade Fair
20171123 November November Agrialp
23.Nov - 26.Nov, 2017
Bolzano, Italy
Agricultural Fair of the Alps
20180223 February February Civil Protect
23.Feb - 25.Feb, 2018
Bolzano, Italy
Civil Protect
Civil Protection, Fire Protection, Emergency