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19.Jun - 22.Jun, 2018


Int'l Trade Fair for Automation and Mechatronics

18.Jul - 22.Jul, 2018


Int'l Trade Fair for Forestry and Forest Technology

Upcoming Trade Fairs

29.May - 31.May, 2018
Bremen, Germany

BreakBulk Europe

Transportation Exhibition and Conference

01.Jun - 03.Jun, 2018
Friedrichshafen, Germany

HAM Radio

Int'l Exhibition for Radio Amateurs with HAMtronic - Electronics, Internet, Computer

02.Jun - 03.Jun, 2018
Friedrichshafen, Germany

Maker Faire Bodensee

All about Making, Tinkering and Creating

05.Jun - 07.Jun, 2018
Erfurt, Germany


Trade fair and user's conference for rapid technology

05.Jun - 07.Jun, 2018
Nuremberg, Germany


System Integration in Micro Electronics / Int'l Exhibition & Conference

05.Jun - 07.Jun, 2018
Nuremberg, Germany

PCIM Europe

Int'l Exhibition and Conference for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion and Power Quality

Currently running

Friedrichshafen, Germany

Motorworld Classics Bodensee

Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany

Südwest Messe

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automatica 2018: Focus on medical and pharmaceutical applications

2017-11-07 automatica

The average life expectancy is increasing. Thanks to automated production, more effective and affordable medications and therapies are made available to a wide range of patients.