Trade Fairs in Erfurt, Germany

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date title
20170127 January January Automobilmesse Erfurt
27.Jan - 29.Jan, 2017
Erfurt, Germany
Automobilmesse Erfurt
20170304 March March Thüringen-Ausstellung
04.Mar - 12.Mar, 2017
Erfurt, Germany
Handicraft and Consumer Goods Exhibition (with Wedding and Celebration Fair)
20170331 March April Reiten-Jagen-Fischen
31.Mar - 02.Apr, 2017
Erfurt, Germany
Exhibition for Riding, Hunting and Fishing
20170506 May May Internationale und Nationale Rassehunde-Ausstellung
06.May - 07.May, 2017
Erfurt, Germany
Internationale und Nationale Rassehunde-Ausstellung
Int'l Pedigree Dog Show
20170620 June June Rapid.Tech
20.Jun - 22.Jun, 2017
Erfurt, Germany
Trade fair and user's conference for rapid technology
20171021 October October sport.aktiv
21.Oct - 22.Oct, 2017
Erfurt, Germany
Outdoor Trade Fair
20171028 October October Reisen & Caravan
28.Oct - 31.Oct, 2017
Erfurt, Germany
Reisen & Caravan
Regional tourism exhibition
20171110 November November Haus.Bau.Ambiente.
10.Nov - 12.Nov, 2017
Erfurt, Germany
Exhibition for House building, Living and Modernizing
20180921 September September Grüne Tage Thüringen
21.Sep - 23.Sep, 2018
Erfurt, Germany
Grüne Tage Thüringen
The agricultural fair