Building and Construction Industry Trade Fairs in Western Europe

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20180110 January January Industrial Building
10.Jan - 12.Jan, 2018, Essen, Germany
Industrial Building
Trade Fair for Building Materials, Building Systems and Technology for Industrial and Commercial Buildings
20180112 January January Domotex Hannover
12.Jan - 15.Jan, 2018, Hanover, Germany
Domotex Hannover
The World of Flooring
20180113 January January Bouw&Reno
13.Jan - 21.Jan, 2018, Antwerp, Belgium
Construction and Renovation Fair
20180115 January January InfraTech
15.Jan - 18.Jan, 2018, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Trade Fair for the Complete Ground, Water and Road Engineering
20180116 January January Swissbau
16.Jan - 20.Jan, 2018, Basle, Switzerland
Swiss Building Fair
20180117 January January Polyclose
17.Jan - 19.Jan, 2018, Ghent, Belgium
European Trade Fair for Window, Door, Sun Protection, Entrance and Façade Technology
20180118 January January Häuslbauer
18.Jan - 21.Jan, 2018, Graz, Austria
Building, Rebuilding and Renovation Exhibition
20180119 January January Hausbau & EnergieSparen Tulln
19.Jan - 21.Jan, 2018, Tulln, Austria
Hausbau & EnergieSparen Tulln
Trade Fair for Building, Energy and Living
20180123 January January Nortec
23.Jan - 26.Jan, 2018, Hamburg, Germany
Trade Fair for Manufacturing Technology
20180123 January January Gevel
23.Jan - 25.Jan, 2018, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Trade Fair for Architects and Building Engineers
20180124 January January Klimahouse
24.Jan - 27.Jan, 2018, Bolzano, Italy
Trade Fair and Congress for Energy Efficiently and Sustained Building
20180125 January January Bauen & Energie
25.Jan - 28.Jan, 2018, Vienna, Austria
Bauen & Energie
The Int'l fair for healthy building, modernisation, financing and energy saving
20180127 January February Wonen
27.Jan - 04.Feb, 2018, Mechelen, Belgium
Building and Interior Exhibition
20180202 February February Die Häuslbauermesse
02.Feb - 04.Feb, 2018, Innsbruck, Austria
Die Häuslbauermesse / Tiroler Hausbau un Energie Messe Innsbruck
House and Energy Fair
20180202 February February ASTA Constructor
02.Feb - 04.Feb, 2018, Tampere, Finland
ASTA Constructor / ASTA Rakentaja
Fair for housing construction and renovation
20180202 February February Baumesse Chemnitz
02.Feb - 04.Feb, 2018, Chemnitz, Germany
Baumesse Chemnitz
Trade Fair of Construction
20180202 February February GETEC - Gebäude.Energie.Technik.
02.Feb - 04.Feb, 2018, Freiburg, Germany
GETEC - Gebäude.Energie.Technik.
Trade Fair for Energy Efficient Modernization, Reconstruction and Building
20180205 February February Cevisama
05.Feb - 09.Feb, 2018, Valencia, Spain
Int'l Exhibition for Architectural Ceramics, Bathroom & Kitchen Furnishings, Raw Materials, Glass and Machinery
20180208 February February Bauen + Wohnen Salzburg
08.Feb - 11.Feb, 2018, Salzburg, Austria
Bauen + Wohnen Salzburg
Int'l Fair for Building, Interior Design and Energy Saving
20180209 February February Construction and Interior Design
09.Feb - 11.Feb, 2018, Turku, Finland
Construction and Interior Design / Rakenna & Sisusta
Trade Fair for Building, Living and Interior Decoration
20180216 February February Häuslbauermesse
16.Feb - 18.Feb, 2018, Klagenfurt, Austria
Building and Renovation
20180216 February February ImmobilienTage
16.Feb - 18.Feb, 2018, Augsburg, Germany
Exhibition for Building, Renovation, Homes and Financing
20180216 February February Bau im Lot
16.Feb - 18.Feb, 2018, Augsburg, Germany
Bau im Lot
Building and Renovation Exhibition
20180220 February February Bautec
20.Feb - 23.Feb, 2018, Berlin, Germany
Int'l Trade Fair for Building and Construction Technology
20180220 February February Roof+Timber
20.Feb - 23.Feb, 2018, Cologne, Germany
Roof+Timber / Dach+Holz
Int'l Trade Fair for Timber Construction and Interior Works, Roof and Wall
20180222 February March Batibouw
22.Feb - 04.Mar, 2018, Brussels, Belgium
Int'l Building Trade, Renovation and Decoration Show
20180227 February March INservFM
27.Feb - 01.Mar, 2018, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Facility Management and Industry Services
20180302 March March LBA
02.Mar - 04.Mar, 2018, Magdeburg, Germany
LBA / Landes-Bau-Ausstellung Sachsen-Anhalt
Building Trade Exhibition Saxony-Anhalt
20180303 March March Habitat Jardin
03.Mar - 11.Mar, 2018, Lausanne, Switzerland
Habitat Jardin
Garden, Construction, Renovation and Real Estate
20180306 March March Ecobuild
06.Mar - 08.Mar, 2018, London, United Kingdom
Int'l Exhibition for Design, Construction and Built Environment
20180309 March March com:bau
09.Mar - 11.Mar, 2018, Dornbirn, Austria
Architecture, Construction, Energy and Real Estate
20180313 March March Construction
13.Mar - 16.Mar, 2018, Fredericia, Denmark
Construction / Byggeri
Building Trade Fair
20180313 March March MCE
13.Mar - 16.Mar, 2018, Milan, Italy
Int'l Exhibition on Heating, Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration, Plumbing Technology, Water Treatment and Bathroom Fittings
20180316 March March Jyväskylä Building Exhibition
16.Mar - 18.Mar, 2018, Jyvaeskylae, Finland
Jyväskylä Building Exhibition / Jyväskylän Rakennusmessut
Jyväskylä Building Exhibition
20180316 March March Energie Habitat
16.Mar - 19.Mar, 2018, Colmar, France
Energie Habitat
Energie Habitat
20180320 March March Interieurbouw
20.Mar - 22.Mar, 2018, Gorinchem, Netherlands
Building and Construction
20180321 March March Neues BauEn
21.Mar - 25.Mar, 2018, Friedrichshafen, Germany
Neues BauEn
Trade Fair for Builders, Real Estate Owners and Power Savers
20180321 March March Fensterbau / Frontale
21.Mar - 24.Mar, 2018, Nuremberg, Germany
Fensterbau / Frontale
Int'l Trade Fair Window, Door and Facade
20180322 March March Homebuilding & Renovating Show
22.Mar - 25.Mar, 2018, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Homebuilding & Renovating Show
The National Homebuiling, Renovating and Home Improvement Show
20180323 March March Bois & Habitat
23.Mar - 26.Mar, 2018, Namur, Belgium
Bois & Habitat
Building with Wood
20180405 April April Norsk Hytteliv
05.Apr - 08.Apr, 2018, Skjetten, Norway
Norsk Hytteliv
Trade Fair for Cabins and Cabin Equipment
20180410 April April IFH/Intherm
10.Apr - 13.Apr, 2018, Nuremberg, Germany
Trade Fair for Sanitation, Heating, Air Conditioning, Renewable Energies
20180410 April April Nordbygg
10.Apr - 13.Apr, 2018, Stockholm, Sweden
Nordic Building & Construction Fair
20180412 April April Own House
12.Apr - 15.Apr, 2018, Helsinki, Finland
Own House / Oma Koti
Home Building and Renovation Fair
20180417 April April Building Holland
17.Apr - 19.Apr, 2018, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Building Holland
Trade Fair for Building and Housing
20180419 April April Bauen+Wohnen Aargau
19.Apr - 22.Apr, 2018, Wettingen, Switzerland
Bauen+Wohnen Aargau
Building, Living, Gardening and Lifestyle Exhibition
20180423 April April Intermat Paris
23.Apr - 28.Apr, 2018, Paris, France
Intermat Paris
Int'l Exhibition for Equipment and Techniques for Construction and Materials Industries
20180425 April April Materials
25.Apr - 26.Apr, 2018, London, United Kingdom
Materials for Architecture, Construction and Design
20180516 May May Architect@work
16.May - 17.May, 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark
Contact Days for Architects and Interior Designers
20180516 May May TEKTÓNICA
16.May - 19.May, 2018, Lisbon, Portugal
Int'l Building and Construction Trade Fair
20180613 June June Stone+tec
13.Jun - 16.Jun, 2018, Nuremberg, Germany
Int'l Trade Fair Natural Stone and Stoneprocessing Technology
20180616 June June Homebuilding & Renovating Show
16.Jun - 17.Jun, 2018, Glasgow, United Kingdom
Homebuilding & Renovating Show
The Scottish Homebuiling, Renovating and Home Improvement Show
20180621 June June Vision London
21.Jun - 22.Jun, 2018, London, United Kingdom
Vision London
The Future of the Built Environment
20180626 June June Housing
26.Jun - 28.Jun, 2018, Manchester, United Kingdom
Europe's Largest Housing Event
20180906 September September Bauen & Modernisieren
06.Sep - 09.Sep, 2018, Zurich, Switzerland
Bauen & Modernisieren
Exhibition on House Reconstruction
20180908 September September Bauen Kaufen Wohnen
08.Sep - 09.Sep, 2018, Dresden, Germany
Bauen Kaufen Wohnen
Construction and Real Estate Fair
20180921 September September Homebuilding & Renovating Show
21.Sep - 23.Sep, 2018, London, United Kingdom
Homebuilding & Renovating Show
London Homebuiling, Renovating and Home Improvement Show
20180924 September September Cersaie
24.Sep - 28.Sep, 2018, Bologna, Italy
Int'l Exhibition of Ceramics for the Building Industry and Bathroom Furnishings
20180924 September September Tecnargilla
24.Sep - 28.Sep, 2018, Rimini, Italy
Int'l Exhibition of Technologies and Supplies for the Ceramic and Brick Industries
20180926 September September Marmomacc
26.Sep - 29.Sep, 2018, Verona, Italy
Int'l Exhibition of Stone, Design and Technology
20180928 September September RoBau
28.Sep - 30.Sep, 2018, Rostock, Germany
Exhibition on building and construction machinery and technology
20181001 October October Advanced Building Skins Conference
01.Oct - 02.Oct, 2018, Bern, Switzerland
Advanced Building Skins Conference
Green Building Skins for Enhanced Energy Saving
20181004 October October Bauen+Wohnen
04.Oct - 07.Oct, 2018, Lucerne, Switzerland
Building and Living Exhibition
20181009 October October The Build Show
09.Oct - 11.Oct, 2018, Birmingham, United Kingdom
The Build Show
Building and Construction Show
20181009 October October UK Construction Week
09.Oct - 11.Oct, 2018, Birmingham, United Kingdom
UK Construction Week
Construction Trade Event
20181010 October October Finnbuild
10.Oct - 12.Oct, 2018, Helsinki, Finland
Helsinki Int'l Building Fair
20181013 October October Bauen + Wohnen
13.Oct - 21.Oct, 2018, Hanover, Germany
Bauen + Wohnen
Consumer Exhibition for Building, Renovation and Financing
20181016 October October Chillventa
16.Oct - 18.Oct, 2018, Nuremberg, Germany
Int'l Trade Fair Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Ventilation - Heat Pumps
20181017 October October SAIE
17.Oct - 20.Oct, 2018, Bologna, Italy
Int'l Building Trade Fair
20181020 October October Homebuilding & Renovating Show
20.Oct - 21.Oct, 2018, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Homebuilding & Renovating Show
The Scottish Homebuiling, Renovating and Home Improvement Show
20181023 October October glasstec
23.Oct - 26.Oct, 2018, Dusseldorf, Germany
Products with Special Show Glass Technology Live
20181023 October October London Build Show
23.Oct - 24.Oct, 2018, London, United Kingdom
London Build Show
Int'l Construction Exhibition
20181024 October October Artibat
24.Oct - 26.Oct, 2018, Rennes, France
Construction Exhibition
20181102 November November Homebuilding & Renovating Show
02.Nov - 04.Nov, 2018, Harrogate, United Kingdom
Homebuilding & Renovating Show
The Northern Homebuiling, Renovating and Home Improvement Show
20181108 November November Denkmal
08.Nov - 10.Nov, 2018, Leipzig, Germany
European Trade Fair for Conservation, Restoration and Old Building Renovation
20181109 November November Haus & Bau
09.Nov - 11.Nov, 2018, Ried, Austria
Haus & Bau
House and Building Trade Fair
20181109 November November Haus.Bau.Ambiente.
09.Nov - 11.Nov, 2018, Erfurt, Germany
Exhibition for House building, Living and Modernizing
20181109 November November Haus | Bau | Energie
09.Nov - 11.Nov, 2018, Friedrichshafen, Germany
Haus | Bau | Energie
Building Modernization Fair
20181113 November November Piedra
13.Nov - 16.Nov, 2018, Madrid, Spain
Natural Stone Fair
20181113 November November Veteco
13.Nov - 16.Nov, 2018, Madrid, Spain
Int'l Window, Curtain Walls and Structural Glass Trade Show
20181113 November November Construtec
13.Nov - 16.Nov, 2018, Madrid, Spain
Int'l Building Exhibition
20181115 November November Bauen+Wohnen Bern
15.Nov - 18.Nov, 2018, Bern, Switzerland
Bauen+Wohnen Bern
Trade Fair for Construction, Renovation and Living
20181115 November November Bau+Energie Messe
15.Nov - 18.Nov, 2018, Bern, Switzerland
Bau+Energie Messe
Building and Energie Fair
20181120 November November The Sleep Event
20.Nov - 21.Nov, 2018, London, United Kingdom
The Sleep Event
Design, architecture and development of hotels
20190114 January January BAU
14.Jan - 19.Jan, 2019, Munich, Germany
World's Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials, Systems
20190130 January February KOK Austria
30.Jan - 01.Feb, 2019, Wels, Austria
KOK Austria
Tile stoves and ceramics Austria
20190204 February February BouwBeurs
04.Feb - 08.Feb, 2019, Utrecht, Netherlands
Int'l Construction Trade Fair
20190207 February February Baumag
07.Feb - 10.Feb, 2019, Lucerne, Switzerland
Trade Fair for Building and Construction Machinery
20190311 March March ISH
11.Mar - 15.Mar, 2019, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
The world’s leading trade fair The Bathroom Experience, Building, Energy, Air-conditioning Technology, Renewable Energies
20190313 March March MADE expo
13.Mar - 16.Mar, 2019, Milan, Italy
MADE expo
Milano Architettura Design Edilizia
20190403 April April Suisse Floor
03.Apr - 05.Apr, 2019, Lucerne, Switzerland
Suisse Floor
Trade Fair for Floor Covering and Home Textiles
20190408 April April bauma
08.Apr - 14.Apr, 2019, Munich, Germany
Int'l Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines, Construction Vehicles and Construction Equipment
20190910 September September Ineltec
10.Sep - 13.Sep, 2019, Basle, Switzerland
Technologies for Construction and Infrastructure
20190911 September September Matexpo
11.Sep - 15.Sep, 2019, Kortrijk, Belgium
Int'l Trade Fair for Building Machines
20190918 September September Efa
18.Sep - 20.Sep, 2019, Leipzig, Germany
Trade Fair for Building Systems, Electrical Engineering, Air Conditioning and Automation
20191015 October October Interlift
15.Oct - 18.Oct, 2019, Augsburg, Germany
World of Elevators
20191104 November November Batimat
04.Nov - 08.Nov, 2019, Paris, France
Int'l Building Exhibition
20191105 November November Interclima + Elec
05.Nov - 08.Nov, 2019, Paris, France
Interclima + Elec
Tha HVAC, Electrical Systems, Refrigeration, New Sources of Energy and Home Building Automation Exhibition