Industrial Technologies, Automation Industry Trade Fairs in Western Europe

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20190305 March March Industrie Lyon
Industrie Lyon

The meeting point for industrial equipment & manufacturing professionals

Mar 05 - 08, 2019, Lyon, France

20190327 March March easyFairs Maintenance
easyFairs Maintenance

easyFairs Maintenance

27.Mar - 28.Mar, 2019, Antwerp, Belgium

20190327 March March MTMS

Materials Transformation and Machining Show

27.Mar - 29.Mar, 2019, Brussels, Belgium

20190327 March March Advanced Engineering
Advanced Engineering

Development and Efficiency of Tomorrow's High-Tech Industry and Engineering

27.Mar - 28.Mar, 2019, Gothenburg, Sweden

20190327 March March easyFairs Automotive Engineering
easyFairs Automotive Engineering

Int'l Exhibition for the Automotive Industry

27.Mar - 28.Mar, 2019, Gothenburg, Sweden

20190328 March March Subfornitura

Exhibition of Subcontracted Industrial Processing

28.Mar - 30.Mar, 2019, Parma, Italy

20190328 March March Mecspe

Specialised Mechanics Exhibition

28.Mar - 30.Mar, 2019, Parma, Italy

20190401 April April Industrial Supply / Hannover Messe
Industrial Supply / Hannover Messe

Leading Trade Fair for Industrial Subcontracting and Lightweight Construction

01.Apr - 05.Apr, 2019, Hanover, Germany

20190401 April April Hannover Messe
Hannover Messe

The world's leading trade fair for industrial technology

01.Apr - 05.Apr, 2019, Hanover, Germany

20190401 April April Research & Technology / Hannover Messe
Research & Technology / Hannover Messe

Leading Trade Fair for R&D and Technology Transfer

01.Apr - 05.Apr, 2019, Hanover, Germany

20190409 April April Maintenance NEXT
Maintenance NEXT

Technology and Maintenance Expo

09.Apr - 11.Apr, 2019, Rotterdam, Netherlands

20190410 April April Inventions

Int'l Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products

10.Apr - 14.Apr, 2019, Geneva, Switzerland

20190507 May May Control

The Int'l Trade Fair for Quality Assurance

07.May - 10.May, 2019, Stuttgart, Germany

20190514 May May SMART - Automation Austria
SMART - Automation Austria

Trade Fair for Industrial Automation

14.May - 16.May, 2019, Linz, Austria

20190514 May May Prodex

Int'l Exhibition for Machine Tools, Tools and Production Measurement

14.May - 17.May, 2019, Basle, Switzerland

20190514 May May Swisstech

Europe's Central Fair for the Subcontracting Industries Focusing on Mechanical-Technical Components and System Soutions

14.May - 17.May, 2019, Basle, Switzerland

20190516 May May Technology Hub
Technology Hub

Innovative Technologies for the Future

16.May - 18.May, 2019, Milan, Italy

20190521 May May Engine Expo
Engine Expo

European Expo of Specialist Engine Technologies, Materials, Coatings and Engine Concepts

21.May - 23.May, 2019, Stuttgart, Germany

20190522 May May Materials

The Role of Materials and Technologies in the Success of a Product

22.May - 23.May, 2019, Veldhoven, Netherlands

20190523 May May BIE

Brescia Industrial Exhibition

23.May - 25.May, 2019, Montichiari , Italy

20190528 May May SPS/IPC/Drives Italia
SPS/IPC/Drives Italia

Trade fair for manufacturers and suppliers in the industrial automation sector

28.May - 30.May, 2019, Parma, Italy

20190604 June June Subcon

Engineering Subcontracting and Surface Treatment and Finishing Exhibition

04.Jun - 06.Jun, 2019, Birmingham, United Kingdom

20190605 June June easyFairs automation & electronics
easyFairs automation & electronics

Trade Fair for Industry and Science

05.Jun - 06.Jun, 2019, Zurich, Switzerland

20190612 June June Match Industry MI19
Match Industry MI19

The Effective Contact and Meeting Event for Technology, Maritime, Offshore, Automation and Energy Industries

12.Jun - 13.Jun, 2019, Pori, Finland

20190612 June June Vision, Robotics & Motion
Vision, Robotics & Motion

Trade Show for Machine Vision, Robotics and Mechatronics

12.Jun - 13.Jun, 2019, Veldhoven, Netherlands

20190623 June June ReMaTec

Int'l Trade Fair for Remanufacturing

23.Jun - 25.Jun, 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands

20190625 June June Thermprocess

Int'l Trade Fair and Symposium for Thermo Process Technology

25.Jun - 29.Jun, 2019, Dusseldorf, Germany

20190625 June June Rapid.Tech

Trade fair and user's conference for rapid technology

25.Jun - 27.Jun, 2019, Erfurt, Germany

20190625 June June Sensor+Test

Int'l Trade Fair for Sensorics, Measuring and Testing Technologies with Concurrent Conferences

25.Jun - 27.Jun, 2019, Nuremberg, Germany

20190903 September September SPE Offshore Europe
SPE Offshore Europe

SPE Offshore Europe Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition

03.Sep - 06.Sep, 2019, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

20190910 September September Composites Europe
Composites Europe

European Trade Fair & Forum for Composites, Technology and Applications

10.Sep - 12.Sep, 2019, Stuttgart, Germany

20190917 September September TIV
TIV / Technische Industriële Vakbeurs

Technical Industrial Trade Fair

17.Sep - 19.Sep, 2019, Hardenberg, Netherlands

20190924 September September Subcontracting
Subcontracting / Alihankinta

Subcontracting Exhibition

24.Sep - 26.Sep, 2019, Tampere, Finland

20191001 October October hi

Scandinavian Industry Expo

01.Oct - 03.Oct, 2019, Herning, Denmark

20191002 October October Pumps & Valves
Pumps & Valves

Trade Show for Technology and Innovations in Industrial Pumps, Valves and Seals

02.Oct - 03.Oct, 2019, Rotterdam, Netherlands

20191007 October October Motek

The Int'l Trade Fair for Assembly and Handling Technology

07.Oct - 10.Oct, 2019, Stuttgart, Germany

20191008 October October Expocecofersa

Industrial Hardware Trade Meeting

08.Oct - 09.Oct, 2019, Madrid, Spain

20191015 October October Offshore Technology Days OTD
Offshore Technology Days OTD

Oil, Gas and Energy Exhibition

15.Oct - 17.Oct, 2019, Stavanger, Norway

20191026 October November Consumenta

Consumer & Sales Exhibition, Lifestyle with int'l Trade Fair 'Ideas - Inventions - New Products'

26.Oct - 03.Nov, 2019, Nuremberg, Germany

20191030 October October Advanced Engineering
Advanced Engineering

Development and Efficiency of Tomorrow's High-Tech Industry and Engineering

30.Oct - 31.Oct, 2019, Birmingham, United Kingdom

20191031 October November iENA

Int'l Trade Fair on Ideas, Inventions and New Products

31.Oct - 03.Nov, 2019, Nuremberg, Germany

20191105 November November Technology
Technology / Teknologia

Event on industrial technology

05.Nov - 07.Nov, 2019, Helsinki, Finland

20191106 November November FMB

The Supplier Show for the Machinery Industry

06.Nov - 08.Nov, 2019, Bad Salzuflen, Germany

20191112 November November Kvalitetsmässan

Quality Fair

12.Nov - 14.Nov, 2019, Gothenburg, Sweden

20191112 November November Elmia Subcontractor
Elmia Subcontractor

Int'l Trade Fair for Subcontractors

12.Nov - 15.Nov, 2019, Joenkoeping, Sweden

20191112 November November The Commercial UAV Show
The Commercial UAV Show

The Commercial UAV Show

12.Nov - 13.Nov, 2019, London, United Kingdom

20191119 November November formnext

Int'l Exhibition and Conference on the Next Generation of Manufacturing Technologies

19.Nov - 22.Nov, 2019, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

20191126 November November SPS/IPC/DRIVES

Electric Automation. Systems and Components.

26.Nov - 28.Nov, 2019, Nuremberg, Germany

20191127 November November MetalMadrid

Madrid Industrial Fair

27.Nov - 28.Nov, 2019, Madrid, Spain

20200310 March March Underhåll

Scandinavian Maintenance Trade Fair and Conference

10.Mar - 13.Mar, 2020, Gothenburg, Sweden

20200317 March March Techni-Show

Industrial Production Technology Trade Fair

17.Mar - 20.Mar, 2020, Utrecht, Netherlands

20200317 March March ESEF

European Subcontracting and Engineering Fair

17.Mar - 20.Mar, 2020, Utrecht, Netherlands

20200330 March April Wire

Int'l Wire and Cable Trade Fair

30.Mar - 03.Apr, 2020, Dusseldorf, Germany

20200504 May May IFAT

Int'l Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Refuse and Recycling

04.May - 08.May, 2020, Munich, Germany

20200507 May May Components for Processing and Packaging
Components for Processing and Packaging

Components for Processing and Packaging

07.May - 13.May, 2020, Dusseldorf, Germany

20200609 June June Sepem Industries Est
Sepem Industries Est

Trade Fair for Services, Equipment, Control Technology and Maintenance in Industrial Production

09.Jun - 11.Jun, 2020, Colmar, France

20200616 June June Automatica

Int'l Trade Fair for Automation and Mechatronics

16.Jun - 19.Jun, 2020, Munich, Germany

20200915 September September AMB

Int'l exhibition for metal working

15.Sep - 19.Sep, 2020, Stuttgart, Germany

20200918 September September Grüne Tage Thüringen
Grüne Tage Thüringen

The agricultural fair

18.Sep - 20.Sep, 2020, Erfurt, Germany

20200922 September September Micronora

Int'l Microtechnology Trade Fair

22.Sep - 25.Sep, 2020, Besançon, France

20200922 September September InnoTrans

Int'l Trade Fair for Transport Technology Innovative Components, Vehicles, Systems

22.Sep - 25.Sep, 2020, Berlin, Germany

20201020 October October glasstec

Products with Special Show Glass Technology Live

20.Oct - 23.Oct, 2020, Dusseldorf, Germany