Health and Medicine Industry Trade Fairs in Central Europe

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20180622 June June IRMA

Int'l Rehabilitation and Mobility Trade Fair for Everybody

22.Jun - 24.Jun, 2018, Hamburg, Germany

20180920 September September Cede

Central European Dental Exhibition

20.Sep - 22.Sep, 2018, Poznan, Poland

20180926 September September Rehacare International
Rehacare International

Int'l Trade Fair and Congress. Rehabilitation - Prevention - Integration - Care

26.Sep - 29.Sep, 2018, Dusseldorf, Germany

20180928 September September Fachdental Leipzig
Fachdental Leipzig

Show for dental surgeries and laboratories

28.Sep - 29.Sep, 2018, Leipzig, Germany

20181004 October October Biostyl

Fair of Healthy Nutrion, Ecology and Healthy Lifestyle

04.Oct - 06.Oct, 2018, Bratislava, Slovakia

20181004 October October Esoterika

Educational and Entertainment Fair

04.Oct - 06.Oct, 2018, Bratislava, Slovakia

20181005 October October Senior Trade Fair
Senior Trade Fair / Targi Seniora

Senior Trade Fair in Krakow

05.Oct - 06.Oct, 2018, Cracow, Poland

20181005 October October Natural Medicine, Health and Beauty
Natural Medicine, Health and Beauty / Targi Medycyny Naturalnej, Zdrowia i Urody

Fair of Natural Medicine, Health and Beauty

05.Oct - 07.Oct, 2018, Cracow, Poland

20181010 October October Expopharm

Int'l Pharmaceutical Trade Fair

10.Oct - 13.Oct, 2018, Munich, Germany

20181012 October October Intersana

Int'l Health Exhibition

12.Oct - 14.Oct, 2018, Augsburg, Germany

20181012 October October Fachdental Südwest
Fachdental Südwest

Show for dental surgeries and laboratories

12.Oct - 13.Oct, 2018, Stuttgart, Germany

20181016 October October Medtech & Pharma Platform
Medtech & Pharma Platform

Fair and Conference for the Medtech and Pharma Sectors

16.Oct - 17.Oct, 2018, Basle, Switzerland

20181023 October October IFAS

Int'l Trade Fair for Medical and Hospital Equipment and Supplies

23.Oct - 26.Oct, 2018, Zurich, Switzerland

20181112 November November Compamed

High Tech Solutions for Medical Technology

12.Nov - 15.Nov, 2018, Dusseldorf, Germany

20181112 November November Medica

Intern'l Trade Fair with Congress

12.Nov - 15.Nov, 2018, Dusseldorf, Germany

20181116 November November Dentamed

Lower Silesia Dentistry Fair

16.Nov - 17.Nov, 2018, Wroclaw, Poland

20181129 November December Nature
Nature / Narava

Health Fair

29.Nov - 02.Dec, 2018, Ljubljana, Slovenia

20181129 November December Nature and Health
Nature and Health / Narava–zdravje

Exhibition of Products, Activities and Ideas for a Healthy Way of Living

29.Nov - 02.Dec, 2018, Ljubljana, Slovenia

20190124 January January Ferienmesse

Holiday Fair

24.Jan - 27.Jan, 2019, Bern, Switzerland

20190312 March March IDS

Int'l Dental Show

12.Mar - 16.Mar, 2019, Cologne, Germany

20190315 March March aktiv & vital
aktiv & vital

Fair for Health and Wellness

15.Mar - 17.Mar, 2019, Dresden, Germany

20190316 March March Balance

Trade Fair for Health and Quality of Life

16.Mar - 17.Mar, 2019, Offenburg, Germany

20190404 April April Fibo

The Leading Int'l Trade Show for Fitness, Wellness and Health

04.Apr - 07.Apr, 2019, Cologne, Germany

20190404 April April Mednat Expo
Mednat Expo

Naturopathy and Ecological Agriculture

04.Apr - 07.Apr, 2019, Lausanne, Switzerland

20190409 April April Powtech

Mechanical Processing Technologies and Instrumentation

09.Apr - 11.Apr, 2019, Nuremberg, Germany

20190413 April April 50 Plus
50 Plus

Trade Fair for Quality of Life

13.Apr - 14.Apr, 2019, Ried, Austria

20190509 May May Recare

Exhibition for Therapy, Integration and Healthcare

09.May - 10.May, 2019, Klagenfurt, Austria

20190523 May May InDent

Dental Exhibition & Conference

23.May - 25.May, 2019, Brno, Czech Republic

20190614 June June IRMA

Int'l Rehabilitation and Mobility Trade Fair for Everybody

14.Jun - 16.Jun, 2019, Bremen, Germany

20190917 September September Swiss Medtech Expo
Swiss Medtech Expo

Medical Technology Products

17.Sep - 18.Sep, 2019, Lucerne, Switzerland

20190924 September September Rehaprotex

Int'l Fair for Rehabilitation and Healthcare

24.Sep - 27.Sep, 2019, Brno, Czech Republic