IT and Telecommunications Industry Trade Fairs in Southern Europe

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date title
20180226 February March Mobile World Congress
26.Feb - 01.Mar, 2018, Barcelona, Spain
Mobile World Congress
Mobile Communications Conference and Exhibition
20181018 October October Viscom
18.Oct - 20.Oct, 2018, Milan, Italy
Int'l Trade Fair and Conference on Visual Communication and Event Services
20181018 October October Feel the Future
18.Oct - 20.Oct, 2018, Celje, Slovenia
Feel the Future
Trade Fair for Innovative Digital Solutions
20181023 October October Smau
23.Oct - 25.Oct, 2018, Milan, Italy
Int'l Exhibition of Information and Communications Technology
20181024 October October eShow Madrid
24.Oct - 25.Oct, 2018, Madrid, Spain
eShow Madrid
Professional Show of E-Commerce, Marketing Online, Cloud and Hosting, Social Media, Digital Signage and Mobile
20181105 November November Web Summit
05.Nov - 08.Nov, 2018, Lisbon, Portugal
Web Summit
Europe's Largest Technology Marketplace
20181107 November November SEE-IT Summit
07.Nov - 09.Nov, 2018, Novi Sad, Serbia
SEE-IT Summit
Int'l ICT Trade Show and Conferences Southeast Europe
20181113 November November Matelec
13.Nov - 16.Nov, 2018, Madrid, Spain
Int'l Exhibition of Electrical and Electronic Equipment
20181113 November November Simo Educación
13.Nov - 15.Nov, 2018, Madrid, Spain
Simo Educación
Learning Technology Exhibition