Food and Beverage Exhibitions Industry Trade Fairs in Southern Europe

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date title
20170219 February February Intersicop
19.Feb - 21.Feb, 2017
Madrid, Spain
Int'l Bakery, Pastry and Related Industries Show
20170222 February February Vinovita
22.Feb - 26.Feb, 2017
Zagreb, Croatia
Int'l Fair of Wine and the Equipment for Viticulture and Viniculture
20170223 February February Beo Wine Fair
23.Feb - 26.Feb, 2017
Belgrade, Serbia
Beo Wine Fair
Wine and Wine Distillate Presentation. Wine Tourism Promotion
20170225 February February Golositalia & Aliment & Equipment
25.Feb - 28.Feb, 2017
Brescia, Italy
Golositalia & Aliment & Equipment
Wine and Food, Catering, Restaurant Industry and Professional Equipment
20170301 March March GAST
01.Mar - 04.Mar, 2017
Split, Croatia
Fair for Food, Beverages, Coffee, Hotel Equipment and Furniture
20170303 March March Artoza
03.Mar - 06.Mar, 2017
Athens, Greece
Int'l Exhibition for Bakery, Pastry, Chocolate and Ice Cream Sectors
20170303 March March Detrop
03.Mar - 06.Mar, 2017
Thessaloniki, Greece
Int'l Exhibition of Food, Beverages, Machinery, Equipment
20170303 March March Oenos
03.Mar - 06.Mar, 2017
Thessaloniki, Greece
Int'l Wine Fair
20170303 March March Buonvivere
03.Mar - 05.Mar, 2017
Piacenza, Italy
Show on typical food and wines
20170304 March March Olio Capitale
04.Mar - 07.Mar, 2017
Trieste, Italy
Olio Capitale
Top Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Expo
20170316 March March Cosmopack
16.Mar - 19.Mar, 2017
Bologna, Italy
Int'l Exhibition of Packaging
20170318 March March Oenotelia
18.Mar - 20.Mar, 2017
Athens, Greece
Int'l Wine and Spirits Exhibition
20170318 March March Food Expo Greece
18.Mar - 20.Mar, 2017
Athens, Greece
Food Expo Greece
Int'l Food and Beverage Exhibition
20170326 March March G.A.T.E. & Gusto
26.Mar - 28.Mar, 2017
Foggia, Italy
G.A.T.E. & Gusto
National Trade Fair for Gastronomy, Foodstuff, Hotel Industry and Tourism
20170326 March March iMeat
26.Mar - 27.Mar, 2017
Modena, Italy
Event Dedicated to the Butcher of the Future
20170329 March March World Olive Oil Exhibition
29.Mar - 30.Mar, 2017
Madrid, Spain
World Olive Oil Exhibition
World Olive Oil Exhibition
20170409 April April Enolitech
09.Apr - 12.Apr, 2017
Verona, Italy
Int'l Exhibition of Wine-Growing and Cellar Techniques and Olive-Growing and Olive Oil Technologies
20170409 April April Sol
09.Apr - 12.Apr, 2017
Verona, Italy
Int'l Exhibition of Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil
20170409 April April Vinitaly
09.Apr - 12.Apr, 2017
Verona, Italy
Int'l Wine and Spirits Exhibition
20170412 April April Cibus Connect
12.Apr - 13.Apr, 2017
Parma, Italy
Cibus Connect
Int'l Food Exhibition
20170424 April April Salón International del Club de Gourmets
24.Apr - 27.Apr, 2017
Madrid, Spain
Salón International del Club de Gourmets
Fine Food and Beverage Fair
20170427 April April Freskon
27.Apr - 29.Apr, 2017
Thessaloniki, Greece
Int'l Trade Show for Fruit and Vegetables
20170508 May May Fruit&Veg Innovation
08.May - 10.May, 2017
Milan, Italy
Fruit&Veg Innovation
Fruit and Vegetable Processing, Packaging and Logistics to Consumer
20170508 May May Tuttofood
08.May - 11.May, 2017
Milan, Italy
World Food Exhibition
20170509 May May Fenavin
09.May - 11.May, 2017
Ciudad Real, Spain
The Hub of the Wine Business in Spain
20170510 May May Macfrut
10.May - 12.May, 2017
Rimini, Italy
Int'l Show of Fruit and Vegetables Technologies
20170521 May May Alimentaria & Horexpo Lisboa
21.May - 23.May, 2017
Lisbon, Portugal
Alimentaria & Horexpo Lisboa
Int'l Food, Hospitality and Technology for the Food and Drinks Industry Exhibition
20170531 May June Modernpak
31.May - 03.Jun, 2017
Zagreb, Croatia
Int'l Packaging Materials and Packaging Technology Fair
20170608 June June Free From Food Expo
08.Jun - 09.Jun, 2017
Barcelona, Spain
Free From Food Expo
Food / Ingredients
20170630 June July Wine
30.Jun - 02.Jul, 2017
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Wine / Vino
Int'l Vinculture and Wine Fair
20170908 September September SANA
08.Sep - 11.Sep, 2017
Bologna, Italy
Int'l Exhibition of Natural Products
20170920 September September easyFairs Empack
20.Sep - 21.Sep, 2017
Porto, Portugal
easyFairs Empack
The Future of Packaging Technology
20170928 September October Eurofruit
28.Sep - 01.Oct, 2017
Lleida, Spain
Int'l Fruit Show
20170929 September October Biocultura
29.Sep - 01.Oct, 2017
Valencia, Spain
Organic Products and Responsible Consumption
20171012 October October Pekarsko-Mlinarski Dani
12.Oct - 14.Oct, 2017
Novi Sad, Serbia
Pekarsko-Mlinarski Dani
Balkan Bakery And Miling Industry Expo
20171018 October October Fruit Attraction
18.Oct - 20.Oct, 2017
Madrid, Spain
Fruit Attraction
Trade Show for the Fruit and Vegetable Industry
20171027 October October Portugal Agro
27.Oct - 29.Oct, 2017
Lisbon, Portugal
Portugal Agro
Int'l Fair of Regions, Agriculture and Agro Food
20171109 November November Biocultura
09.Nov - 12.Nov, 2017
Madrid, Spain
Organic Products and Responsible Consumption
20171115 November November easyFairs Empack
15.Nov - 16.Nov, 2017
Madrid, Spain
easyFairs Empack
Packaging Trade Show
20171122 November November Fair of Ethnic Food and Drinks
22.Nov - 25.Nov, 2017
Belgrade, Serbia
Fair of Ethnic Food and Drinks
Fair of Ethnic Food and Drinks
20180515 May May IPACK-IMA
15.May - 18.May, 2018
Milan, Italy
Processing and Packaging
20180515 May May Dairytech
15.May - 18.May, 2018
Milan, Italy
Processing and Packaging for the Dairy Industry
20180515 May May Converflex
15.May - 18.May, 2018
Milan, Italy
Int'l Exhibition for the Paper, Tissue, Paper Converting, Package Printing Machines and Materials
20180515 May May Meat-Tech
15.May - 18.May, 2018
Milan, Italy
Processing and Packaging for the Meat Industry
20180529 May June Hispack
29.May - 01.Jun, 2018
Barcelona, Spain
Int'l Packaging Exhibition
20180825 August August Inpak
25.Aug - 30.Aug, 2018
Gornja Radgona, Slovenia
Int'l Packaging Exhibition
20181025 October October TriestEspresso Expo
25.Oct - 27.Oct, 2018
Trieste, Italy
TriestEspresso Expo
Italian Espresso Coffee Show
20191022 October October Cibus Tec
22.Oct - 25.Oct, 2019
Parma, Italy
Cibus Tec
Technologies and Solutions for the Food Industry