Energy, Environment Industry Trade Fairs in Southern Europe

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date title
20170126 January January Klimahouse
26.Jan - 29.Jan, 2017
Bolzano, Italy
Trade Fair and Congress for Energy Efficiently and Sustained Building
20170228 February March Genera
28.Feb - 03.Mar, 2017
Madrid, Spain
Energy and Environment Int'l Trade Fair
20170307 March March Smagua
07.Mar - 09.Mar, 2017
Zaragoza, Spain
Int'l Water & Environment Exhibition
20170315 March March SmartCitiesLive
15.Mar - 17.Mar, 2017
Lisbon, Portugal
Solutions for SmartCities and Smartgrids
20170315 March March EnergyLiveExpo
15.Mar - 17.Mar, 2017
Lisbon, Portugal
Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Electric Mobility
20170315 March March AcquaLiveExpo
15.Mar - 17.Mar, 2017
Lisbon, Portugal
Water, Energy, Waste and Environment
20170315 March March Green Business Week
15.Mar - 17.Mar, 2017
Lisbon, Portugal
Green Business Week
National Week for Green Growth
20170323 March March Klimaenergy
23.Mar - 24.Mar, 2017
Bolzano, Italy
Trade Fair for renewable Energies
20170328 March March Si Bioenergia
28.Mar - 31.Mar, 2017
Zaragoza, Spain
Si Bioenergia
Int'l Bioenergy Show
20170330 March April EnergyMed
30.Mar - 01.Apr, 2017
Naples, Italy
Trade Fair for renewable energy and energy efficiency
20170404 April April Emat
04.Apr - 07.Apr, 2017
Zagreb, Croatia
Int'l Environmental Protection, Eco Technology and Municipal Equipment Fair
20170621 June June Watec Italy
21.Jun - 23.Jun, 2017
Palermo, Italy
Watec Italy
Water Technology and Environmental Control Exhibition and Conference
20171004 October October ECOFair
04.Oct - 06.Oct, 2017
Belgrade, Serbia
Int'l Fair of Environmental Protection
20171004 October October International Energy Fair
04.Oct - 06.Oct, 2017
Belgrade, Serbia
International Energy Fair / Energetika
Eletric power industry, coal, gas and oil, renewable energy sources, energy efficency
20171107 November November Key Energy
07.Nov - 10.Nov, 2017
Rimini, Italy
Key Energy
Int'l Exhibition of Renewable Energy
20171107 November November Ecomondo
07.Nov - 10.Nov, 2017
Rimini, Italy
Int'l Trade Fair on Material & Energy Recovery and Sustainable Development
20171129 November November Ecofira
29.Nov - 30.Nov, 2017
Valencia, Spain
Int'l Fair for Water, Soil, Air, Wastes and Their Technologies and Services
20171129 November November Efiaqua
29.Nov - 30.Nov, 2017
Valencia, Spain
Efficient Water Management Fair
20180321 March March Green
21.Mar - 24.Mar, 2018
Gornja Radgona, Slovenia
Sustainable Technologies and Green Lifestyle Exhibition
20190327 March March Pomladni Sejem
27.Mar - 30.Mar, 2019
Gornja Radgona, Slovenia
Pomladni Sejem
Spring Fair for Construction, Energetics, Municipal Services and Trade