Food and Beverage Exhibitions Industry Trade Fairs in South Asia

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date title
20170303 March March IITCE
03.Mar - 05.Mar, 2017
Calcutta, India
India Int'l Tee and Coffee Expo
20170307 March March Aahar
07.Mar - 11.Mar, 2017
New Delhi, India
Int'l Food and Hospitality Fair
20170324 March March 3P Plas Print Pack Pakistan
24.Mar - 26.Mar, 2017
Lahore, Pakistan
3P Plas Print Pack Pakistan
Int'l Plastic, Printing and Packaging Industry Exhibition and Conference
20170407 April April PackPlus South
07.Apr - 10.Apr, 2017
Bangalore, India
PackPlus South
The Total Packaging, Processing and Supply Chain Event
20170615 June June The Bakery World Expo (BWE)
15.Jun - 17.Jun, 2017
Mumbai, India
The Bakery World Expo (BWE)
Entire Value Chain Of Bakery and Confectionery Manufacturing and Trade
20170715 July July International Food World
15.Jul - 17.Jul, 2017
Chennai, India
International Food World
South India's Biggest Food Show
20170803 August August CartonTech
03.Aug - 06.Aug, 2017
New Delhi, India
Machinery, Materials and Services for Food, Pharma and Packaging Industry
20170803 August August PackPlus
03.Aug - 06.Aug, 2017
New Delhi, India
The Total Packaging, Processing and Supply Chain Event
20170804 August August Pro Food Pro Pack
04.Aug - 06.Aug, 2017
Colombo , Sri Lanka
Pro Food Pro Pack
Int'l Processed Food, Beverage and Packaging Exhibition
20170821 August August Dairy Universe India
21.Aug - 23.Aug, 2017
New Delhi, India
Dairy Universe India
Int'l Exhibibition for the Dairy Industry Showcasting all Steps of the Product Life Cycle
20170821 August August ANUTEC - International FoodTec India
21.Aug - 23.Aug, 2017
New Delhi, India
ANUTEC - International FoodTec India
Int'l Exhibition an Conference for Food Processing and Packaging, Ingredients, Beverages, Cooling and Refrigeration
20170907 September September Foodpro
07.Sep - 09.Sep, 2017
Chennai, India
Food Processing and Food Technology Fair
20170914 September September World of Food India
14.Sep - 16.Sep, 2017
Mumbai, India
World of Food India
Int'l Exhibition and Conference for the Food Industry
20171109 November November BioFach India
09.Nov - 11.Nov, 2017
Greater Noida, India
BioFach India
Int'l Organic Trade Fair
20171109 November November Fi India
09.Nov - 11.Nov, 2017
Mumbai, India
Fi India
Food Ingredients India
20171116 November November World Tea & Coffee Expo
16.Nov - 18.Nov, 2017
Mumbai, India
World Tea & Coffee Expo
Int'l Trade Fair Dedicated to Tea and Coffee Sectors