Foshan Int'l Ceramic and Bathroom Fair

April 18-21, 2020, Foshan, China

The 32nd CeramBath Fair Exhibits Sneak-peek (part two)

2018-09-25, CeramBath

Last time, we have shown you four major trends of tiles in the coming 32nd CeramBath. Now let us show you the rest popular tiles that will be displayed in this October!


Marble Tile

Marble tile is the enduring product in this industry without question. Marble tile is enjoying a sound development momentum because of its natural marble-like texture, color, feel and visual effects.

Exhibitor recommendation:


Exhibitor Product Example:

Booth: E1 in Huaxia Venue
Major Product: Italy Famous Stone Series
Features: This series of products are based on rare stones in Italy, covering 1600*3200 (mm), 1000*3000 (mm), 900*1800 (mm), 600*1200 (mm) and other specifications.

Booth: 03-05 at China Ceramics Industry Headquarters Venue;
A210 at China Ceramics City Venue
Major Product: Marble Porcelain 900
Features: Different ink, different texture and different anti-fouling technology
The Marble Porcelain product has always been DONGPENG’s knock-out product, and has now launched five series. The product texture is rich in layers and the lines are naturally realistic, showing the unique modern atmosphere of modern minimalist style.
Size: 900*900mm

Anion Tile

“Anion tiles” have recently become quite popular, and they are always seen on major search engines. The so-called anion tile, whose anion is not released from the tile itself, are made by adding special materials to make the tile ionize substances (air, dust, etc.) near it to form positive and negative ions.

Exhibitor recommendation:


Exhibitor product example:

Booth: B17 at Huaxia Venue
Major Product: Negative Ion Graphene thermal tiles
Features: This product can really realize the integration of "tile + health + floor heating" , and is a new type of floor heating products that are healthy, environmentally friendly, energy-saving and safe, easy to install and low in price.

Wood Tile

Wood tile has more natural and realistic effect with brown, yellow, and other wood color. Under the consumption trend of advocating rationality and pursuing regression, the wood tile provides a chance to return to the nature.

Exhibitor recommendation:


Exhibitor product example:

Booth: A330 at China Ceramics City Venue
Product: MS_B126033
Size: 60*120cm
Feature: The materiality and nature of this multi-shaped porcelain stoneware personalized each room, bringing a pleasant sense of warmth to both residential and commercial spaces.

Product: MS_C459306 Size: 45*90cm Feature: The dark tone of wood ground tiles has the real sense of touch and it perfectly foils the dimensional decoration layout, making a beautiful space.

Booth: B201 at China Ceramics City Venue
Product: HD9153493, HE9153498, HE9153499 from Fragrance Rosewood Series
Size: 150*900mm
Feature: Glazed, vintage, suitable for living room, bedroom and study.

As CeramBath’s organizer, we are devoted to bridging the gap between buyers and suppliers. Nowadays, China is equipped with excellent and advanced technologies as Italy and Spain, so does the product quality. So what are you waiting for? Come and get what you want with best price and quality!

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The 32nd CeramBath Fair Exhibits Sneak-peek (part two)

2018-09-25 CeramBath

Let's show you the rest of popular tiles that will be displayed in this October!

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CeramBath (Foshan Int'l Ceramic and Bathroom Fair) takes place in Foshan, China from 18.04 to 21.04.20.