Hannover Messe

The world's leading trade fair for industrial technology

April 20-24, 2020, Hanover, Germany
Hanover Exhibition Center

Time to get tough!

2017-10-24, Hannover Messe

In the presence of Professor Eckhard Beyer, Executive Director of the Fraunhofer IWS in Dresden, and Bernd Bodenstedt, Technical Plant Manager at Bosch Rexroth’s Dutch site in Boxtel, a process for efficient high-performance laser powder buildup welding developed in close collaboration by the two partners has now been officially released. Prior to this, a team of IWS scientists had converted an existing installation for coating large hydraulic piston rods up to 19 meters long and 600 millimeters in diameter to the new process and immediately made it many times more productive. During this conversion and upgrading work, the research team also prepared the installation’s system technology for future Industry 4.0 applications. But that's not all. Thanks to an inductive heating process also developed by the Fraunhofer IWS and implemented in the Bosch Rexroth installation, coatings that are susceptible to cracking or difficult to weld can now also be applied flawlessly. Among other things, these coatings provide effective protection against corrosion and thus represent a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional nickel-chromium coatings. "This is a unique development. Optimizing the system and the technology was intended not only to give us more technical possibilities and coating options, but also to improve the efficiency of the entire operation. Thanks to the Fraunhofer IWS, we were able to take the laser beam buildup welding process introduced at the end of 2016 to the next level. We now have a less critical and far more stable process with a huge improvement in quality," says Bodenstedt. Fraunhofer-Institut für Werkstoff- und Strahltechnik IWS (D-01277 Dresden) Website: www.iws.fraunhofer.de/en.html

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Time to get tough!

2017-10-24 Hannover Messe

An optimized process from the Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology IWS is helping Bosch Rexroth AG ensure the efficient coating of hydraulic piston rods using high-performance laser systems.

Research & Technology showcases the world of applied research

2017-10-24 Hannover Messe

Lightweight design that promotes energy and resource efficiency. Modular micro-wind turbines that everyone can use to generate sustainable energy. Or a monitoring system with new ways to control production systems and product quality. Where does one encounter such impressive advances? At the world’s most-visited tradeshow for research and development.

Cobots, Grippers, and Glasses: Highlights from HANNOVER MESSE 2017


Highly efficient energy systems, new solutions for Industry 4.0, clever cobots: this year's HANNOVER MESSE certainly isn't short of highlights.

The better passenger


Successful Formula 1 technology often ends up in passenger cars. Things could get exciting here with McLaren’s digital clones.

HANNOVER MESSE USA To Premier In Chicago September 2018


The world's leading trade show for industrial technology is spreading its wings. In September of 2018, Deutsche Messe is staging its first-ever HANNOVER MESSE in the USA.

Taking Industry 4.0 to the next level

2018-02-06 Hannover Messe

The digital integration of industry, energy and logistics is gathering pace, with traditional boundaries between industries breaking down, productivity rising and new business models popping up like mushrooms. In April 2018, HANNOVER MESSE and CeMAT will lend their combined weight to this trend and take Industry 4.0 to the next level.

Hannover Messe (The world's leading trade fair for industrial technology) takes place in Hanover, Germany from 20.04 to 24.04.20 at Hanover Exhibition Center. In 2017 Hannover Messe attracted more than 225 000 visitors and 6 500 exhibitors. Trade show is organized by Deutsche Messe.